Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are you experienced?....(with ashram)

To hate is to give it importance, and to give something importance in life is to actually give it energy and eventually power, hence i rarely get to hate anyone or anything.. why waste my energy replenishing something of no use to me... but enough bullshit said, i do hate one thing very deeply and that is the whirlpool of shit called "ashram".
This isnt some frigging weekend retreat i am talking about, sitting and eating simple food in safron clothes, that would be something difficult to hate, the ashram i refer to is located bang at the heart of south-east delhi. The place was nothing a decade back, and originally named after a small ashram located in this area-called "hari nagar ashram". DO believe me, i have never seen this dickweed place after living almost 2 decades in this hole.. dont know if it exists or its actually been demolished somewhere down the line.
Why do I and many such people like me hate this hole, you ask. well I wont pleasure you with such a simple answer, a better approach is to do as i do and then the answers would come to you so easily.. Ashram is the hole of delhi in terms of vehicular traffic- and by this i mean the hole of this country quite easily (as delhi does have the maximum number of cars in this country both density and absolute number wise).
Ashram is the statergic cross road of the mathura road and mg road. Here commuters from noida- uttar pradesh, east delhi traffic, people from up north (like chandigarh etc etc) and people from places like faridabad and mathura and nizamuddin and many such places collide full on into each other.
There is no reprieve in this vehicular jungle, the expected traffic half a decade back was predicted to be around 7,000 cars at todays date, but guess what we fucked up big time. Nowdays the peak time traffic (which according to me here is 24/7) - is around 50000 cars per hour. Thats too much to even try to figure out.
There was no flyover here around a decade back, the flyover was built in slow time and offered relief some 6-7 years back behind, but now I find the split in the flyover (one leading forward- towards noida- and the other going left to nizamuddin) leaves hell of a chaos, with cars in the right going left and vice versa. this is no small problem by any any any measure. The average time i take to cross this hell hole is anywhere from half hour to 1.5 hours (and think that this is just over a km stretch) and then you get to imagine the magnitude of plight people face who have to face the wrath of ashram day in and night.
So you can be a smart ass and tell me well, apart from the day time; nights ought to be relatively free of any vehicles and i would have more than half a mind to vomit without reason on your existence :D
Night approaches and come 10'o clock and all hell breaks lose, so now you dont have to face little 4 wheelers- now massive rusted blocks called trucks with 18 odd wheels with drunk ass drivers plough this place down like a maniacs wet dream.
It is difficult to see rationale in this place; i really tell you, many times i just give up, my legs give up.. my head throws itself off. no reprieve here ever, and the pain is that whenever i have to get out to anywhere in delhi, i have to enter into the pit called "ashram" for a grueling duel with some of the dumbest drivers of this universe.
Now thats where the hate sets in, and the presupposition is that I am an average driver, yet i get exasperated when i see people incapable of driving or following COMMON SENSE, to any relevant ends, especially in ashram. It is a shame, neigh it is utter apathy, and i am sick of it all.
I feel like getting out and venting my frustration with my fists and my legs and even my head. I feel that i am incompetent somehow, to get to drive with such elite company, bhaiis and mofos from up, drivers from god knows where, and drunk truckers from everywhere... is there an end to this pain. Is what i ask every single minute i am there. And i get to experience the pleasure of ashram atleast twice a day... atleast.
Sometimes it feels like the end of time, when you are stuck endlessly, forever singing the same tune over and over, of abuses and mental agony. of pain mixed with the days toil... and yea its the same with everyone who gets stuck in the halcyon of ashram. Its pain redefined.
Pain upon all ;) 

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