Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mighty Rays of Rising Sun!

Oh Mighty presence, You have called me unto your arms. I fall at your feet and hope to redeem myself. Oh Mighty being; what names can we speak and whisper softly to call you unto us, unless you pour your vision towards our puny entirety. There is no purpose of these lives wasted one after the other.
Oh Lovely Fragrance, you cut the ties with family and friends. You call the bluff of the worlds which seek us and we seek to bind to. This subtle smell, calls us and frees us. Ties us only to your feet; yearning for a glance of the mighty unknown. Who art the power of black power of mother, who art the understanding of white light of the yonder sun. Who art the multitudes of soul who have been absorbed into thee – oh ever resplendent father Arunachala!
Unto blind ignorance we waste away – looking hither thither and never up to the mighty mountain of eons past. Oh Mighty rays of the Sun which lighten up the five faces of you father Namacivaya. Those who pray to you once without purpose are forgiven the triviality of living lives like rats running around for their putrid material meal.
Like the rays of Sun which highlight the presence of consciousness which witnesses itself in the power of ParaShakthi, Your mighty presence removes the shackles of mortal coils – removes the blindness and lighten the purpose of birth into a body with the loving soul! Oh Arunachala – truly you do remove the overpowering Ego and its burdens for those who meditate on you on the heart.
When I walk up thy paths unknown – to do your bidding, all my thoughts disappear; all thinking rested, only the Joy of your rocks at my foot and wind whizzing past in my ears making themselves be heard. I have lived my lives in your shelter oh mighty gaze, please absorb me once again so the burden of body and soul be shed. Only thy light remain in eternal spotlight.
Oh Arunachala – your ends never known by gods or men. Your portals calling mortals and eternal souls alike in shelter. No night and day known here – only the gentle embrace of father namacivaya. Once and forever. Here and there (8 cardinal directions of the beautiful ashta lingams and the directions of space and earth) you art everywhere – one who directs their thoughts and heart willfully at you are provided with material and spiritual insights; their karma and ranu instantly dissolved and their beings bathed in the light of the lords sun’s rays.
Oh Arunachala – a gaze upon your mighty range removes illness and ignorance. Duality and anger. Bringing the ever loving sense of unity. One ness and Grace.

Peace and Joy and Grace.

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