Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hymn to Dakshinamurthy

Lord Shiva, sitting silently.... my adored lover; sweet as the jasmine of night. You illuminate without a word, with your lovely doe-eyes. Always embraced in the necter of turiya, without the knowledge of day and night.. god of dispassion; sitting silently underneath the banyan, you are surely the sight in this darkened life of mine!
The silent maunis sitting at your feet, conversing so they say with you; but you are the will with which this heart of mine beats day and night... Crying and weeping at your image ~ the civa lingam; so many martyrs lay down their lives, without you they all know.. life is but a rotten disgusting peel of the mango, not the ripe necter which is the source of bliss.
Its ironic, that I; the fool, try to call out to you; oh silent lover of parvati, through words and phrases. But I know that these words are not empty, they carry my soul song to your feet, this lifetime like last like ever always in this circle you invented called time.
Underneath the banyan, with its roots falling, aching to touch your divine feet, silent killer of mara, you are nectarine knowledge of atman, that thou art! Aham brahmashmi
Your gaze unending towards dakshina, covering the space and time, matter locks glistening tucking away the 5 day old beautiful moon which is your divine befitting crown
We have made your imagery, to our likeness, so our heart can rejoice in a glimpse of a sight of you lord ever kind. Thy right feet on the destruction of 'evil'. Your left bent in repose, you teach without a single word ever spoken.. Master oh Master, yes you are the dream and life and death I have ever been after!!
Hands held together, clasped near my heart; I beg of you teacher of love and peace... to set me free... free from the evil of this world i see, to the better place; eons before perhaps where men vied to be gods like you, and gods wished to be men to see the glory of mortality!

Love and Peace
Om Namah Civaya

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