Friday, April 9, 2010

Walking Free..

On the vast desert of hopelessness, sufi shamz tabrizi walks the path bare, the sun has pronounced us guilty and the earth sways each day closer to the clutches of the soul of the solar system...
Tabriz what is heard about him, the god who shakes his matted hair and the earth spins out of control, the true ardent sufi gaze to cure disease and misfortune,
shamz makes it all happen, with the love outpouring a thousand fold, to and back through each vein of this cosmos, shamz the sufi of agelessness, is humble.
There are disasters which the soul heads towards, if the life is not at the hands of a guru, a teacher wise and simple, whose life is a model itself to live completely,
Brothers and lovers, ye shall unite in the name of allah, the one merciful god of heaven and earth. Of the eons which have passed and which shall be endured, the name and love towards emancipation will sweeten the final reward,

Be a martyr unto yourself, kill all those experiences which cast a dual nature on your way, the truth so simple and profound says shamz the lover, Path is one, and the goal is truly one, when the path and goal are united the unity spreads to each and every moment... take heed; live your life sincere and for the love of the fellow being.
Shamz raises his stick and the earth stops, the gravity pulls him closer to the solar aura,. the venerable god listens to shamz intently for the one who is the creator is the very same as shamz in human flesh and bone.
Sun relentless wishes you to be ash as soon as possible, where is the wisdom to wait and see, the grace to just be.. humanity wishes itself to be something which it can never be? whos kidding whom, the slow doom that we are headed towards, is the last straw in the stranger scheme of things....
The lord fakir knows each and every detail, of the happening in this life and the next, visions of love over power him every time he opens his eyes.... some things like the nectar of sweet emancipation may better be experienced that defined.
The tower of night, the yogi of discipline; shams-e-tabrizi walks on the water, the canal which feeds ignorance, he looks neither here nor there, the sufi is the sweet wind, cooling refreshing, the spiral of life incomplete without the mystic lover shams... How many lifetimes will you take to show your real face oh master; the world mundane knows nothing but what is vain, fakir destroy the minds of those who see not unity. love them and banish them and love them more, so they get to feel what your beating heart has been trying to tell for millenia.
Inside the quiet cave, sits the fire worshiper, the dhuni lit for the night, you retire to your beds while the fakir baba returns back to the castle of silence, the re union, the yogi sleeps neither day nor night.
The use of mystic in the disruption of what you felt is real, is the crux of this.... Mystic lovers like shams will I believe care to differ, they are the silence and complete union of allah and the lover. I see duality in every single moment of my life, where nothing is related, nothing is permanent... I wish to follow the path of the master who walks endlessly in silence, levitated thoughts from beyond come rolling out from his tongue in between burning the dhuni further, and ever higher...
Listen child, he would tell me first and foremost, how you feel in your moment is the indicator which you can follow to complete satisfaction for the soul, things which peer passion through your body and mind are the ones which will also free you.. The elixir brew is the one that keeps the soul content, it is called soma and then some, a simple drink to finish you, seal you and make you another person  altogether
Shams never pondered, the true baba-ji that he is, take the walking stick and point, walking in silence the walker and the path merge into one, the mirage becomes alive, real and completely un-defined.
The charisma the love of the sufi towards the one malik of this creation and else, this is spirit talking through mortal flesh, how strong is the will to create unity, amongst chaos, amongst the stench of death (i prefer to say things as they should be- to call a complete change in perspective)
Love creates the will, it generates an entire episode of life altogether, the heart opens gates to the love, its not where the physical heart is, but closer still.. the chakra is all powerful, ever indulging towards an embrace.


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