Sunday, April 18, 2010

Corporate feel good?

Corporate existence is something recent to human way of life, and its way more disturbing than i ever thought it would or could be. I have had way too many conversations with people who value only a person who has something with him/her which is supposedly valuable like an impressive college degree or a "dream" job with the CTC involved or the organization's name which somehow adds credit to the person who is working in it.
Too many times have i had this inane dialogue involving a person's "value" addition it seems, and its really mundane to me. What i know of the world is of the experiences i have had, and in turn what i have learnt from these hard experiences one way or the other, and how i have implemented the same in MY life to change who i am for the BETTERment of myself. This is not the same as wow a person from stanford working in ENY as a senior associate with a CTC of over 1 crore. the latter is just clowning around in my mind. A person might have the so called best of this world and not really learnt anything cause he wouldnt have experienced anything special or out of the world ever. You might question that an experience and what one learns out of it is subjective and i thoroughly agree with it, but even this subjectivity isnt present in this day to day world, where all one is concerned with it what another thinks... For me, every person might have a hidden resource which has been built up through his/her life with the type of experiences they have undergone and what they have understood of the universe and themselves through it, they dont have to be intelligent or have a great IQ, or even be street smart or wise for it. A person doesnt have to confirm to others, and thats what i feel most of us get stuck in, we dont ever question anything; rather we take it for granted, that this is what life is, work in 9-5 job, get married, pop a kid out.... and happiness and life is done with, sorry to tell you; its a lot more complex and involving than that.. life that is. Each decision we take has a million fallouts and i tell you, rather than taking a decision which stems your life; take a right one, even if its at the face of adversity and at the cost of non-confirmity, it will be still a lot easier for you; to do as you feel and want and choose in this life... than trying to find happiness with the mass hysteria of government rules, corporate rules, social norms... etc... most of which which, when you adopt you will lose a part of yourself in the process, until and unless you are meant for it..
Its too sad that too many people dont think about what is the "good stuff" for their personal life... for some academics wont be the cup of tea, for others a desk job just wont cut it, for some travelling will kill and others interaction is death.... why not instead do and be in this lifetime whatever you feel like, even if everyone hates you or condemns you for it, what would you and i care? seriously, we going to be dead ever before we know it.. its not a bad proposition, taking the shit house down in flames with you... whos going to care, they all gonna be alive when you gonna be dead!
So far i have been very very polite in not dis respecting people when they start trying to compare people and their worth through a paper called their CV or some shit like that, but i some day will lose my temper i tell you; I dont value or judge people any which way, if they have not learnt enough; nature and mother goddess is very compassionate; enough to give another and then another chance... but to be corporate and think a persons worth lies on some piece of paper, or an interview or some crap like that, is sheer non sense. Wisdom is the art of polishing your metal, metal which has been burnt and broken and mended and re made into something of a cleaver, something which will cut through the noise... wisdom is constantly sharpening this cleaver, polishing and strengthening it, so that no experience will destroy you, or rather every experience will help in destroying your notions about what you thought was real.....and rebuilding what you now understand as real.. this is true worth/value proposition of humanity; atleast how i see it.


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