Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Command Conquer

Open your heart and keep yourself simple, and you will receive the bounty meant for only you; innocent soul.
The earth wise and un bound, keeps your intention in mind, and reciprocates it. For mother earth, is but your mental projection, from the moment you enter the womb to the time you merge with the wind, ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
The men without intentions wander the earth in search for something; without evaluating ever what is that they require, to be content.
Being content is not dependent on your state of physical or mental servitude or happiness, both temporal in nature and bound to depart once they enter your life.
What is worth evaluating is your intention to be content, content to be who you choose to be, under any and all circumstances. This is how harmony develops within your space and everywhere abound...
The simplicity is in an approach towards your life which resembles what nature has modeled herself on, dont for a moment believe that nature has to be bountiful or sacrificial as she has been ever since you know. Nature is cruel, feeding the beast and starving the younglings, causing death and catastrophe and plague and misery, dont take her compassion for granted.
The change in ones lifestyle to accommodate everything, which nature has to offer is what you can do to model your life pattern resembling mother nature. You become an integral part of the natural cause, but you must understand that even murderers and genocide gurus are a part of nature, and her plan.
Duality and multiplicity is something very common to prakrti. She is unified in her real non-illusory nature and she is what indians choose to call maya in her day to day ; eon-to-eon form. There is true calling in any path you take, as long as you understand that your path walked in this life should resemble nature.
nature is yours and mine, she is the source of food and water, she is the formation of acids into compounds to form the basis towards all forms of life. Nature gives the last key to man, the key to choose. Most animals also have this key, if they are evolved (of course just like the evolved and not the average man), who sees and feel that they can have the right to be as they are, even if its not modelled on the way how nature does in this yuga.
Nature draws the in breath and exhales death through the out breath , one breath  of hers is the birth and death of brahma,vishnu and shiva. The trinity of work is created and finished within one breath of mother goddess' one breath .
Its wise to worship nature in her bountiful form, as the mother goddess, she is also wrathful and kills indiscriminately through plague and small pox and aids and swine flu. Hence she is worshiped as the fiery kali who has the power to cut life back into nothingness,
There are seven rings of power which you penetrate into your quest to find the true nature bestowed upon 'you' and the real nature (non illusory, non temporal). This is goddess worship defined and re defined in india and other civilizations. The worship of life sustaining and life taking elements all around us, within us from us and in all directions that make it possible for this instant to happen.
The nature of goddess herself remains un predictable to say simply, its not something which i have ever pondered on, for the real nature once commanded and conquered will yield what reality has been beckoning of you, your entire awake existence.


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