Monday, January 21, 2019

Natural Remedy

There is a natural source of all this pain, there is indeed natural remedy for this. Why do we play these endless pointless games?
Why are we seeing so much disdain, enter suffering forever to remain.
I am tired, slouched on one corner of my world. On the other remains joyful never endings of childhood and youth. We could all be in such a better place if we ended our hypocrisy.
There is love round the corner, which will soothe your broken soul. There are rain drops pit pattering on your head asking you to go slow. The world has the solutions to all your pain. You just need to open and let it all go..
Sitting on the clouds where the waterfalls drain from the ground and fall into the bowl of the beautiful blue sky; looking into heavens and falling short. One day you are here and then eternity swallows you whole. Natural remedy for this ancient sore (of existence and its fatalities)
We all need to be cured, from insanity and knowledge and the ways we have been following; destroying what we see, creating out of greed. Dying always in ignorance and plight. Never living to inspire and love. What is the point of existence such as this?
Come together and be without any sorrow; take time to drink from the fountain of eternity where death and birth are both whirling around like in a cesspool. Drink deep and see it cure you of your illness (which haunts you lifetimes and bodies to go)
Cure yourself of malice and be more wholesome than who you are!
Peace and Joy

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