Monday, February 18, 2019

Circular Stillness

The atoms inside our bodies, they contain a central core and a peripheral node which endlessly revolves around in spiral 3 dimensional geometry.
It is almost like the minuscule parts which make the whole are engaging in a kind of still dance. Where the core is always soaking in what the outer realms are dancing endlessly for. Almost reminds me of a moth which is headed of a flame - the passion and love between them which is eternal and perennial.
The realization that we are all made of elements which are perpetually half in motion and rest half at rest also flows back to the kind of experience we all are having; restless mindless and mindful rested ecstasy. A combination of forgetful endless rotation around the things which hold our fancy and the remembrance which brings a core / center to us from where we see things with a 360 degree view.
When our own selves are made of this, what else can be said. There is beauty in both the particle rotating and the particle which is witnessing, and yes both of them make up the whole. When we start thinking we are one part, the other becomes neglected and the whole suffers.
In this circular revolution remains the key to liberation. It is almost as if all of existence is reverberating with the still and causal forces at play.
Of course let us not forget the beautiful core of our being exists both as matter and wave at the same time as well. Energy and physicality enduring side by side as still and motion and we are the entire existence within each cell of one endless being with and without form!
Om NamaCivaya ~!~
Peace and Joy

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Gorgoroth said...

Moth and a flame. Such a tired expression....Followed by gibberish and more gibberish....

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