Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Interesting Tail


Could be an interesting tail for all times.

Human beings have lost their tail; replaced it with the tail-bone. Internalized the external force. We should take a relook at our genetic ‘evolution’ now.

The tail bone creates the mood from the mind alive. I will put it simple; the emotional energy reverberates and comes out from the back of the spine, the tail can emote- it can show anxiety and fear and surprise and care. It shows empathy and hunger, and the satisfaction of another day gone under. Animals use it to branch out and try to fly, what a contraption; why were we bereft of it I ask? This excess energy has to be internalized for a fresh fucking start!

So what use is the tail in animals which possess it:

1) It is used as a locomotion agent in fishes; and snakes. Snakes actually have kind of made the tail their whole body? They can propagate forward through the help of their tail.

2) It helps animals ward off predators; in lizards and others it can create a sense of deception, something which helps the animal to get away just in time.

3) It can help animals help in attacking, in scorpions and many other amphibians, it is poisonous, it can help in killing prey or warding off predators.

4) In others, it can help in locomotion not just getting forward but higher and lower from the ground by strapping onto trees and other vertical structures.

5) This really interests me – the tail can be used as a social mood signal; in many animals like dogs, peacocks. The tail actually is a direct physical representation of the emotional state of the animal. It could be one of fear, mating, or any other of the myriad emotional conditions which can be exhibited.

6) In flying animals, almost like as in the case of fishes, the tail is used as a rudder; though it cannot help in locomotion by itself (the wings have to do that).

Many animals have vestigial tails; but almost all do. And to date they do serve a purpose; in man more significant than others. What I want to understand is what happened to the human tail.

Some would suggest (and I am not opposed to it), that human beings are a different breed, and the tail is absent in humans on the outside for again a reason. The tail is not absent in us, it is actually become the tail-bone. An evolutionary miracle to me.

Nowadays modern science has actually seen some physiological uses for the tail bone (before it was thought to be totally useless/vestigial). It is required for some of our standing, bowel control and what not. But our ancient seers understood the true importance of this ‘tail’

The tail bone has been described by olden time sages, as the centre of human consciousness. The kula-kundalini, the divine thread like piece of individual consciousness is supposed to reside in the muladhara (base/earth chakra) which is located in the tail bone physically. The activation of this conscious power, releases bonds from our animal roots, and makes us more intuitive, human and ultimately complete to our purpose of creation- to see life/experience it whole.

This chakra is present within the tail bone, the emotional energy which we impart in our day to day life, actually creates ripples in our tail bone, the conscious power sometimes is awakened by intense emotional sadhana- moments of rapture, bliss and sadness all activate our tail bone, or rather the source of the I power within the tail bone.

The further one uses the tail for the true purpose it was created within humans, the further one can break through the limitations of being bound as an animal, for otherwise there is no difference between an external and an internal tail.


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