Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goal Orientation Psyche



I ask people what is the reason for your goal and they tell me how can you live without one. Believe me; I am extremely pin pointed to my goals. But I understand intuitively that all goals are majorly futile.

I have studied some small tit bits of psychology during my course. The western rationalists also will appreciate a simple observation. (everyone in this day and age – of using the left brain approach is a western rationalist btw). So according to various theories of motivation, our minds try to find rationale of happiness, joy through certain needs- most needs other than pure physiological are self made.

So keeping it simple, i choose goal x as my best chance at happiness, and i devise a way to get to it. I get it one which way, and well then end of story; is it not so?

Here goal theory emphasizes that after the need is satiated, again the same cycle is repeated. I do not believe the theory explains why this happens. Why the level of happiness wanes with time? None of us can. Why cant a boost of happiness be forever? Why must it be recovered time and again.

Please do keep in mind, pure physiological needs can also be altered. If not completely transformed with the change in physiology. And world cultures have been doing that since millennia apart. Change the way the mind and body are, their requirements-needs also diminish.


So if now, I was to consider any day to day goal. The end measure would simply be futile. Happiness is at hand yes~ but not content-ness. This is the vast difference between people who are perhaps less wise compared to the other. This might be reflected in stronger material goal orientation. Such goal orientation is displayed very easily and stronger in groups. So if a bunch of us sit, and think one need will be satiated by one goal and further more that if only one person gets all the goal available. Well then more the happiness? Is this not the logic we apply to money, to a status, our qualifications and repute? That if we get to the top, the most of it, well then we get most happy?

This might be right, like a rock star with groupies, or a politician with paper money or land, but taking most shall not mean most happiness for longer time. The content of happiness actually decreases if its excessed, is it not? The more we get used to a pleasure, the lesser it pleasures us with time, and the more its needed to get even the same high of being just happy.


This is why I do not have an understanding of routine goal orientation, the very simple recognition of this fact, is also a goal orientation within the head. Which must be erased. Cause reality and life are goal-less and path-less. There is no right or correct way to this elusive happiness. Actually there is nothing like it, its just our defence device (through chemicals, in our head which release endorphin what not) against pure power of this immense existential space. The power – I mean direct power/like an electric current runs through everything here and now. Amidst such chaotic situation, its almost pathetic that we are looking for goals which satiate us till we die?

So what's the use of repetition of this need cycle- which only becomes tougher and less pleasurable through time, maybe its gluttony or lust or power hunger (superficial), or just apathy towards this existence. All this leading us to try to be illusively happy? Happiness could be termed as the worst drug of this yuga!

So leave the cycle to be, your mind set aside on the cornerstone, as you do your chores. Waiting and preparing yourself a finer death than you could afford!

Peace and search for happiness as always ..

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