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I wear a smile; almost all the time. For life is so funny, maybe that is what our minds were made in the first place to comprehend.

Anthropologists and psychologists would agree with a term, Impressions. Our culture, intelligence and of course our psyche is impressed upon. Such powerful imageries, sounds and instances from where? (some say it is a vast repository of natural-all life experience stored in collective unconscious, some say its limited to human beings- this collective unconscious only.)

So how does it go? We are exited from the womb, and each one of us; using our brain and body learns almost till puberty. The human brain understanding storing and labelling every experience; so that the world will become predictable, safer, less chaotic. We are aided here with the genetic understanding. We have knowledge of how to live as human species even as we are in the process of being made. Before being born alive.

So many of us learn till the age of maybe 15 or more. After which, its a question of expanding micro understanding of everything we know, what I mean to say is; that we stop to learn something new. A new experience.


For the world is known, and we predict that as we have understood the world from our brain/mind. Hence we know our mind as well. But that is not the case, our mind before being born is un-impressed upon. As soon as the sensory experience starts, the mind recalls all the past genetic information and also unconscious/hidden imagery from the ages (unknown information- of all sorts)

So what makes me really chuckle is, as human beings we stop our quest (if that is what life could be called) even less than half way. We have learned something's knowingly, unknowingly. And then we die! Phat and over with it.

There is a complete circle to be done here in this life people, many of us go a step ahead and spend our lives in learning fine arts, details and aesthetics and mystical knowledge – thinking this will liberate, emancipate! But even this is not complete, after we are TRULY satiated with our pointless quest for knowledge, is when we start hungering for un-learning all of it. Almost a sine wave of life is it not. Many of us spend more than half our lives un-learning whatever conditioning has taken place on our brain, whatever impressions the world and unknown collective unconscious has posed upon the mind.

We un learn to the womb, it is the need of the hour, a regression, if you would like to picture it such. The expansion into the world and the contraction back to the self. The mind/brain is now no longer impressed with any imagery, any notion imagination or idea. It is without attributes. In this state the mind becomes a mirror to the impressions which exist. There is no self which can project. The un learning is complete.

The circle is complete, what has been done is now figuratively been undone. What a wonder; And now the true work of the people of this world starts. Without a singular perception. A collective will drawn to be, to live, exist is extremely powerful. The true potential of us humans, coming to the fore; directly as power; as will. This is the um-impressed experience, existence which we should all look forward to.

But we in this humble day and age, do not even have an inkling of the passion which we need to satiate ourselves completely, so that we may open up our hearts, to forget what glory this world had shown us, to be without a notion, a dementia or disease.

That would/could be the start of a glorious empire.

This song is something which I have listened to time immemorial: By Iced Earth-Consequences (album: Something wicked this way comes). The lyrics are amazing; do listen in:


As human beings, we're a complex thing
Sometimes so beautiful,
other times so vain
We've built an Empire
the blood is on our hands
Genocide and the chains that bind
The consequences ahead
Oh. you ought to know
Oh. you ought to know
Wrote about in history as
if it's all O.K.
A race of people murdered,
another one enslaved
Now our world crumbles,
it's happening within
Open your eyes and realize
The world we're living in

Oh, you ought to know
Oh, you ought to know
If we could focus on important things
Live and let live true freedom
not everyone's the same
No more war for your god,
No more war for your race,
It's our world, It's what we make it
Make it a better place
Oh, you ought to know
Oh, you ought to know
We can change the world
that we're living in
Live and let live true freedom
Let the reign begin

Peace. let us at least try for a future worth us.

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