Saturday, March 31, 2012



How is a god thirsting man’s apparition like to the others watching close?

As in, when the stage comes, that nothing is satisfactory. Happiness eludes itself for an entire lifetime. I mean true true content-ness. Its not happening with the pursuit through money and physical inertia (all our so called comforts are only to make us slow and lazy. Keep us static eh).

So when the mind starts seeing with greater clarity, there comes greater need for this whole-ness, this feeling of complete-ness to be present. We try to achieve it with the lover. All of us, get married settled and live with partners, to achieve the complete. Across material, social, religious and all other separations, the need to complete in any and all humans comes with ferociousness like never before….

So what can the mind do. It shuts itself off, thats an art. People call it zen and meditation. As it accepts its own in-completeness, something powerful and willed takes place I believe. Willed is the word. The power (perhaps through mind or any other source) creates the dual, the other half, which will complete the incomplete experience.

Mira bhai, the famous princess of India, who fell in love with the god hood Hari; actually would have created her lover through intense power. Intense longing. Intense moments which actually created the physical and ethereal blue skinned god Krishna in front of her. She would have merged herself into him, creating him.

Perhaps this is a famous psychological theory as well. The mind creating whatever is the opposite and yet required remedy for the moment.

Believe you me; the mind is the most powerful source of this life experience of ours. What I call by the experience of the heart is actually what I have mentioned in the above paragraphs. It is the mind giving its awful sense of power away; and actually embracing it. Power making the required divinity manifest itself and complete the imagination.

I understand and elate at the power of our imagination. True pure imagination from the heart (the heart which now I understand through the mind ), This imagination creates the complete experience. The complete life. The only life to be taken into consideration; if ever.

Peace and Joy

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