Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adorn Your Sublime Mood


Man is unique, he has so many different qualities than any other living beings defined. He has a thumb, an all around the year mating capability, standing erect and with one of the heaviest brains around. Calculating and differentiating.

But that is not the uniqueness I find the capability for; He has the power to invent/create moods unique.

What do I mean? Lets speak through our collective experience,

The mood of the lover

Emotional energy-spiritual ojas draws forth from every pore if you all of you who love sublime care to see. There is no where; where love is absent or present. It simply is. Most of the human species falls in love once in a lifetime at the least. Love even touched on the surface creates an alter experience. It is a true test of will. of power. When a lover yearns, she/he does not feel any pain other than that of separation from the other. It is a beautiful expression of duality trying to dissolve itself. The notion of other. And simply be.

I have adorned such a mood of a lover, I would choose to love everything in my sensorial field. Everything defined and not yet seen. So simple to be in love, and be a child, give up the power-which guards us day and night against another, even when a couple are in love! Why such betrayal, why such angst to the causeless cause. The reason of and for love never known, yet persisting through ages; eons of dimensions~

If you do not believe in love, then you do not know the love I speak about, every word being a symbol understood by us all differently. Love is the carelessness of being exploding into its true nature~ Joy!

The mood of the warrior

This becomes a fight; a play; a chosen field and day, where the strong of heart endure. To see the light of another golden day! Through ages and time, when its your calling; you become what you never could imagine yourself to be in the first place? Is it not, many do not even register the moment, they become cold and strong to the world, so chaotic, so astray with things of no care. Do you feel this way? The warrior chooses her/his path, and becomes it night and day. Living; fuelling for the goal in mind, He/She becomes a fierce predator in search of power~ her/his prey!

I live as a warrior as well, try to at the least. Where there shall be nothing which can surprise me, and the entire construct itself makes me smile no end. This is the truth, when I am the utter lack of surprise mixed in with its dual, the childish devilish sensual intent. Looking at the happenings of the world with eagle eyes. Never letting one moment go away.

Its a mood which calls upon the word strong to it. You mould yourself such; so that no situation takes hold of you, of your demise. Death is the only game we play, we play it well; make death a beautiful partner, take hold of the wisdom of the other side. And embrace it with child like abandon. That is the mood which we shall go through this life’s end.

The Mood of the Creator

Creation of  nothing. From the void; you can surely relate; if you are to become a parent. If you are to borne something from nothing. The feeling of creation; rather the mood; is so sublime. It is what the musician experiences, It is what the artist paints. It is what the mother bores; to joy and love. What can I say about this mood, it is surely power showing itself its miraculous ways. The feeling of self-less self-ish I. Mother shall bear pain for the child, Artist wills to go mad to create lasting originality. Wow~Where there was one, now stand two (Mother and child; father and son; Master and disciple; Dispassion and romantic love!). Where there are many; yet remains the original one?friedrich_cemetery1

The mood above all, is one (of) experience. Yielding nothing of lasting value (for memory our paramount hard disk of experience erases itself to start anew) But the moment which is blessed be…. gives us such sublime poetry, such intense fervour. It is definitely worth to adorn such moods, like the clothes we change, let us be on the prowl to wear fierce lovely mood. Kisses from the infinite. Peace and Ever bound Joy!



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