Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Use The Man

The part of us which is most useless and profound;

There are three ways in which one interacts with the world->

1) Using the empathy : So you look at the man, You see the arrogance at times, the slothful misplaced pride. You see the hunger; the need; and of course the greed. You empathize, You know that you could be him/her. You could be the fall of man, You could be the reckoning of apathy. You can feel  as the other does. When you do so, a great wave of bonding. Of unified existence felt exists. The feeling of empathy is one of the paths which we can use to get over the shit of daily life. Indeed? It requires only one and perhaps the toughest condition; That everyone must practice it. Even if one does not feel empathy. Does not try to use consciousness to understand another; and through understanding oneself first; you can bridge the divide. The physical divide between bodies and the individual mind. But a single ‘rotten’ apple which does not use empathy to live, shall make the entire bunch go awry. Just the perfect case for humanity rather. You cannot make it, with this technique in this day and age (year 2012 AD). Why? Perhaps worth asking.

2) Using the I ruthlessly : I feel that this how most of us are day to age, We are saying well NO I don’t want to get in your way, I do not want to harm you, but well thats not exactly so, We do not feel that we should consciously and intently hurt another, BUT if and eventually when, another person or life form gets in the way of our Intent (of feeding our I, ONLY one I). Well then OUR dialogue goes like “As long as I do not get hurt, there can be another at my cost who can”. This can range from emotional, material and any and all other intents that we indulge in our bodies.

We do not want bloodshed and violence, but we cannot lose the convenience of our selves. We do not want to forget this individual I, and this individual I can only see how far it knows it exists- the edges, periphery of only ONE body. Where the local I resides. So what happens with time is, that this one I governs the experience of its own existence, and it will DO ANYTHING to make it the best experience subjectively of course. This could lead to us going to the extent of hurting another intentionally to make ourselves happy!

Sounds very familiar to me, I have been at its sending as well as receiving end. The individual I knows not beyond its own horizons as well. Using the man so that we can be happy, all of us, individually conscious yet happy alone. What a shore of loneliness this humanity suffers from tonight; Can you see. I surely can.

3) The abusing Sing Song: Well this one is a no brainer, cause its the brain and know how of a nihilist. The void is all that is at the beginning and the end, we are born from it (quite literally) and end six feet underground. The void is all that there is *and isnt*. Some quite literally might see this; the more you realize that the point to existence is pointless even if its satiated to all brim (both sensory, mental, perhaps even spiritual ecstasy). Some turn almost humble, innocent and go about their lives without care. Some turn violent, causing disarray and chaos and death. Changing the unchangeable real. Without a care again. So harm and hate will not change a thing just as love and peace. You understand? Using the man, for no real requirement or purpose. Just to kill that is to be killed. Enjoying the power thoroughly; to kill and maim. War gods, violent imagery from the subconscious. We are unable to overcome the IRRATIONAL nature which surfaces now and then? We have become numb to existence yet the knowledge bubbles up. Of our mortality and senility. You think I am kidding? Spend some time in the silence and self. You will know exactly what I am trying to say. And well even then the choice becomes yours: Some become the silent night, existing in the shadows and never showing their true light to the world. The mad saints and power people. Or becoming the worst of I. Well that is subjective ofcourse, but becoming the murderer, the delusion without point.

I guess after writing this, I feel that I was describing the nature Of I as satva, Rajas, Tamas. These all are pointless. these all exude different actions and re-actions.

There are so many ways in which the man is being used, we all are I mean to say. Most of us do not even have a clue how we have become like this. or what will become of us, how can we. There is not a clue in the world we have about who we are; how our current natures are; what is changing, and what can never be seen known or changed.


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