Friday, February 24, 2012

Major Beat


Frequency increasing rapidly; and the heart pounding madly. Its a sonata of epic proportions. The beat which makes this life happen is finally beating majorly.

Simple measures and straight focus. Intent and passion, dual natures of the basic natural energy refined. Kundalini divine. The serpent dancing wildly near the burning fire. All night for eons of time, shifts in conscious planes and jumping from one dimension to another; mind yields and the beat succeeds in making another one not turn the blind eye.

Major beat beating on the skins of our aura. Changing the external and internal landscape with invisible ethereal and raw force, everyone stands together mesmerized. Everyone’s tail bone starts shaking wilder, its okay to let go; thats the entire point of this exercise. Everyone knowingly and unknowingly obeys and that is surely worth our life. If only you could understand what it means, and what use it shall never have. There is divine melody like a subtle sarod string ~~ ethereal force once again comes to fore. How I am in love with this beat; and so are all of you around. Cause that’s the laughter, the fun of living. Beating faster our hearts beat matches the speaker threshold. Its indeed a enthralling experience.

I take time and remove the ignorant I. which sees duality through the eyes, perceives differences as not one but rather many. What a notion and it removes itself as quickly as it was planted. This is indeed freedom is it not? To change itself as required. Never the same yet ever the eternal Spirit un manifest. Love and Peace together.

I am not a fool to believe in this beat’s power. How it can transform ordinary mortals into fools dancing with some psychotic tune. SO absurd. Yet this is where I find that the two paths converge. The spirit takes hold and lets the ego relax. The individual perception remains awake and sees the spirit show true self. Is this forgetting, I ask? Or is this remembrance! I remember how its so easy to be free with nothing in my hand except the sand (from my dancing feet!) This is existence, reaping what you sow. The music let it take control, and you; well you must just let go~ To the Major Major Beats….

Its heartening to see human beings swaying to music, dancing how one pleases without hurting another. Individual and divine will reached at the same moment, same time.

You cannot tell the difference, the very first time. That is what I understand, but as the night progresses, and so does the music, constant and never ending. Enduring and endearing to the end. Beautiful beats consoling everyone who lends an ear. Its of course a huge ear ache, I totally agree. But what is existence without the dual present. and so is life. Complete with the noisy loud deafening and eternal namacivaya’s Beat~

Peace and Melody .

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