Friday, February 24, 2012

Lover’s Got No Name


My master’s master piece. Endowing enriching and ever bestowing. Love for eternity at the feet of Na-Ma-Ci-Va-Ya.

It was about the time, when I took off. Reached the edge of land meeting with endless blue sea. Everywhere the flow of slippery people; falling off the edge of sanity.

I wanted to escape into music, walked into the party. At anjuna, everything was mellow. Chill to the waves, sip a beer and just live here and alive! The music had already begun, it was stepping up. I looked at the dj at the console, a pretty goddess with a bindu on her forehead, she smiled at me, I know my day and night were being made.

It was a hot day, took off my shirt; put on my shades. laughed looking at the sky and started shifting my feet. Just like the many there, Just like the many not. I started finally to dance. And I loved it;

Love has no name; so says the master lord of nectar. Shiva eternal. I see her with no name; shifting her sway towards me with a drink in her hand. we dance close never speaking to each other, looking into eyes and looking away. For me, nothing is in the mind then and there. I move to my friends, I sit down. We are all close to the speakers. The mammoth creation intended to blow your mind away. I listen to the waves of music coming in and all around. I listened the night away.

Somehow, the crowd is not what I had expected, they were silent yet weird. They were all relating to the music or trying desperately hard. Some were known faces, and I danced laughing merrily at them. They laughed like the music playing everywhere.
Uv Bar is a small place, filled with UV Lights. The Lights are turned on after sunset. The sunset withdrew my fears, and as the night came upon> I became what I intended it to be. Dancing manic and with grace, drinking water and almost embracing the speakers. The music drooled edges of insanity almost.

The crowd loved it; it seemed. My friends were sitting close by, they were listening intently as well. Something almost ethereal was enduring. Lover so drunk in her eyes came towards me again. She was aged, perhaps over 40 years of age, still looking like a nymph, in skin tight jeans boots and a top, hair braided around and of course a drink in her hands. We danced together; wordless and beyond measure appealing. I asked her for her drink. And I felt the liquid refreshing me through her silent gaze. Almost admiring me; or trying to seduce. I could not be sure. Yet my love told me that it was all alright. For tonight it was about peace and master’s grace. Nothing else shall ever prevail.

She dances like a fox, yes even though I was not trying to be allured, I could see how beautiful she was. She knew me, I was not so sure. My dance could not be disturbed. It was a cooler twilight. The night so bright, with tiny dotted stars, and the myriad uv lit images and creatures put up.

I walked here and there, refreshing myself and soaking this almost forgotten scenery that I once used to know and love. The people all in and out of their senses, all laughing and dancing and smoking and drinking, the night yet so bright!

The music changes course and becomes even more erratic. There is no continuation; only very creepy and freaky sounds pouring through the dark void that are the speakers. my friends and I are still sitting and enjoying ourselves thoroughly, My lover with no name walks and sits close by, she wants to kiss. I want to endure. This is the fate of such a night

I dance and she comes close almost kneeling for a kiss to my nape. I am forgotten. I tell her its not happening tonight. Not tonight lover, its silent and holy

She leaves me through the party alone, coming and peeking in, but I am nowhere to be seen. My dance so paramount, my prayer so sincere. I mean it.

The party has become furious, there is new blood and people are running helter skelter trying to shy their ears and go crazy at the same time listening to such terror. The beats are abominable. They cant be withstood. Yet the night has just turned itself on its head. my lover; so bewitching and innocent. She sits next to me, and speaks in fluent hindi. Maybe czech or russian, maybe from another world. I could never know, she wants to be loved. Yet would not tell me her name. Such mystery, such intensity, such silence. I have only dreamt of such a moment. I speak gently to her, tell her that she has drank too much. That I love her, through my eyes. Through my heart. I dance and she looks at me with pretty intent eyes, though its night. I can see awfully well. We sit together and embrace, dance and embrace. I do not know; why I did not kiss her. Why I could not take her. Maybe it was not such a night. My master’s wishes always come before mine. She embraces me entirely, I tell her I am sweating and she hugs me tight. I do not have a clue what she had been upto, I hold her and talk about my so called life. I laugh and I love her completely. I hope she loves me as well. I hold her with intent and care. Without expectation of any selfish lust instead. Peace abound.

The rave reaches maddening heights. Yes I kid you not, this is not just a rave, this is a mood. The mood of many people come sub-consciously coming together one time many times over. Its brimming. I walk and I know how the universe kisses you without reason. I chant my masters name, and I know na-ma-ci-va-ya frees~

The lovely breeze blows over and we stay together, I go ahead with my friends, the spirit is not over. This creation has been re-born. Without a name. Love is.

Peace and Love. Happy Maha shiva ratri 2012.

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