Saturday, March 31, 2012

Night Star


Under the night star; everything lies. The only star; makes its presence felt to one and all.

The lovers apart; look up to it, pray and cry at their plight. Don’t know if they would survive another night away from each other’s arms. From the warmth of each other’s breadth. Yet they can see the same night star, a white light, a dot in the blackness of space. Of this life. Their only hope is the twinkling star; twinkling like how their hearts beat for each other..

The night star from the cell of the dying man. Sure to be executed at dawn, he looks at the glorious hell of darkness; and the only sign of his redemption. Not from his sins, but from his body; his so called life. The star looks towards him, and he cries and sighs. He has not seen anything quite as pure; anything quite as sincere as the simple night star. He will die. The whole world shall not know of it. His existence so futile; just like every dying soul around. Night star is the only witness to this futility.

My Heart like a void; cries so.

My heart looks at the night star; without a word accepts its fate. Without it up above; My heart so tender; shall itself stop without a word.

Our life because of this night star, has a meaning. has a shout once in a while. Without the night star; everything is already doomed. Everything already done.

The saint looks at the night star, in quiet and peace. From the hole in his cave. The faint twinkling light pouring in. Its glimmer his trust. That god and his lover are not away. He has spent many such nights, alone and without hope. But now he is almost done. Looking to the star, his smile comes alive through his worn face. His heart so alive wants to re-unite to its source. To its master.

Such is fate, when the star is there (not with respect to time), just as long as its there. Life has come ALIVE. When it is not. Life was not anything which could be known.

Wow, In terms of abstract; I mean the night star is what we all are searching for. A glimmer of a beacon. A light which will separate creation for us into something more palatable. Something which we can literally see, and not just believe lol  Smile


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