Friday, September 14, 2012

Pride and Mighty Shame


Mighty shame takes hold in a child; when just born – free and naked, existing without any form of need. Something so very beautiful – everyone notices it.

He sees the shame to expose one’s body and mind to another. To the world, as it is. And so he gets a slap or a beating and soon recognizes the worth of ‘shame’. He feels at ease in clothes tailored to choke. He feels good with the tie, and with corsets and what not. The child understands the power of perversion and erotic sexual energy through shame. What a terrible way of teaching one’s future race – the worth and splendour of sexual power. Shame makes the grown man tremble; with excitement and repulsion instant.

Subtle pride takes hold of in a man, when he is growing from naivety to arrogance (which way manifests is as unique as the individual). Arrogance leads him to assume that he is needed here. When the situation might be completely different in perception less reality. Did any of us ever think, or feel what is the use of birth and this process of life which we call (It might manifest as the search for identity, uniqueness, crazy power-innocent or corrupt? what not, it can manifest as anything!) The pride which makes us wanderlust, makes us create, invent and heedlessly follow our own steps with such surety? Isn’t it very weird, that we never question our own existence – in its base sense – why was I required in the first place, no! we just assume, with our pride of (I’dentity) that we are here and now and its such, it had to be such. Our wills are never questioned, never doubted?

Such terrible disease these two are amongst the neurons of our mind – it consumes the entire lifetime of magnificent beings like humans and make them sure and neurotic at one go!

I have forever required to live free, naked. I have seen many an instance in my life which has made me dissolve the need for heedless shame in reality; and its opposite – perversion (actually this would plague me and so many more now in this day and age). Perversion to turn your sexual energies on or off with kink, with nudity (and its absence!) with the sense of chasing your love, lust, power and the other (yes shame does this to all).

I have forever questioned my purpose, place and now my very existence, it doesn't do much to be thinking, writing or speaking about it, one cannot act in this conundrum, but one could understand the true meaning of this statement ‘ There are more things in heaven and here, then is fathomable by the i’dentity’. The identity assumes pride and its place center of this play of existence, but why? and does it actually spoil the show of life? Why the need for I in the first place, I am not needed on this planet, eating up resources and consuming everything including myself to create some sort of satisfaction. I do not need to be here – neither do you – and the truth is – we really ought to be dead or away for life to flourish. Yet we assume we are needed, our life paramount, and our bliss unique – we are in this false pride all moments of our day and night; forgetting the grand-ness of this sphere of life. (How the fuck else can it be explained, I really cannot say)

Peace – with a life free of mighty shame and its deep rooted consequences and pride – the false assumption which takes us to the grave still confused and dumb as fuck!

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