Monday, September 17, 2012

Corporate X War (Primitive Working Models)

This is the future of Human War Evolution:

As the situation has changed dramatically with the passage of time - humans have become 'more peaceful, even amicable living together while striving to acquire most of the common resources for themselves only'

This is the start of a new kind of war, not seen every before. 
Wars happen over Land and fuel. Resources which are for everyone's use. Not just one. 

So now we do not have kings or kingdoms, and countries as such cannot come up with some sort of pathetic right of patriotism - for we are now living in times of peace - to keep the peace - the war must be raged also in peace. 

This is the start of capitalism and Corporations - organizations/ bunch of assholes who sit together all day long and strategize how to be mean to their fellow man/woman. They sit and brew in hate and contempt - for profit and growth is their life, for bottom line and cost cutting becomes prime - to win this war, to show that they are better and of course more entitled to win over the resources of mother earth! The war has begun....

So now its not nations and men fighting for idealism or defending people against mad men (for now everyone is a mad person!). Now its companies, sitting in buildings - their corporate offices - where they sit and think of how to cut costs to run the other into the ground, cause distress to their fellow man. To provide the invisible 'Consumer' with the best (which is rarely the case). It is to con the common man, destroy the opposition, make the greatest profit, and run endlessly for some fallen notion - saying that this is the way.
(Look; this is actually what most of our work is, we get reward and recognition for getting more profits for our company - not for being smart, sincere, a nice person, a concerned soul, a genuine person, an empathetic person)

So now you are a general or a commander (only the designations have become more; refined is it?) based on how many years you slogged with your troupes, how many 'battles' and quarters of months you ended winning for your company or what not. 
The only thing which has gone wrong in this primitive sad ass model is that - there is no real loyalty or faith to your organization/company what not. So not only the war has become more sissy for a bunch of yuppies - it has also no real emotions behind it. People now just skip companies over and over like a whore show. They do not care for any vision/mission that the corporate bastard groups are trying to achieve in the first place. This feels kind of justified - the companies invest in their so called troupes - paying them, training them, making them rewarded - and yet this primitive 'working' model does not even provide the basic intangible efficacy of loyalty! What a pitiful state of doing things. 

So I know of people who have worked some 20 years in one company destroying their competitors - and then switching over to the competitor and now destroying their original organizations so called benefits/products/services, and I ask myself this - what kind of gain is this - either for the individual or these warring asshole companies!? Maybe some one else can tell. 

I have learnt this quote from some famous asshole but it makes sense - ' Any working model cannot be quit unless a better model is provided'. So to remove something like this plague would require another working model (far less destructive than a plague perhaps). A far more efficient one as well. 

So why has this model survived thus far - I will start with that first - the model is decently efficient in speeding up processes to reach goal (of course personal motivation of some sort of gain works well ). But the real reason it is so lucrative is cause it gives the workers some false sense of freedom! Is it not so - we have freedom to work only for ourselves - and yes that is all we spend all our lives at work doing, trying to better our personal gain. 

So this working model has to be changed to a uni world order (later to a no order - no corporation - no nothing, as I am of the firm belief - we do not read . I am not against companies - I am against competition - which wastes much of time not on better innovation (as we are made to believe - which is crap/bullshit). The sense of war has to be removed from every facet of our lives. Of competition bettering us - this mentality is flawed just like asshole Darwin's fucking focus on it. Competition only increases the individual ego instincts; which is counter productive. 
What we require is to compete against our thoughts and individual impulses - working together for whatever we do. 
Hence innovation works better in collaboration. So does profit (for your information). Hence a single world order company for making us our hedonistic capitalistic shit (shit which we really do not need) for each product/service would suffice? I believe so. This model also gives personal freedom (yes it could be argued that this freedom would be lost for entrepreneurs - but as long as entrepreneurs are not just working for personal gain - then their ideas would be empowered and appreciated a lot more through single working domains than fending it out till getting crucified and recognized? Is it not?) 
No it wouldn't? How could it? When we have survived on this notion for so long right? Would it not become corrupt or lazy. Will it not give us the worst and at the highest cost?
How could it, when the world's citizens are together in making it, How can it; when the people who are making the service/product what not are the ones at the end of the day consuming it?
How will it, if we cut out the greed, need and apathy so associated with us working day to day and getting left out in the open by night to fend for ourselves - all thanks to the corporate wars taking place within and without

As always - working models primitive or otherwise have to be revisited and re looked - and encouraging ideas to improve them or dissolve are always entertained. Would love to hear from our free and assumed free lot to give inputs to change the world paradigms for better more peaceful days to come!

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