Friday, September 14, 2012


Sitting splendidly in the middle of a vast milky ocean, lasting for eternity (without time)>
You break into a fine howl, shaking the edges of my sanity and the universe away, all in one go. There you set your mad will on roll. How its set it all in perpetual motion, never to stop anywhere you know
The silent meditation broken down by the blowing of a conch; very far away and yet so piercingly powerful, you and all cant help but notice.
Changing everything, every scene in a split moment – splitting every creation, your fine scent every so fresh this rainy season.
It feels like ages ago, as it did now – every sense of time leads to deja vu, with enough of it (time), everyone feels old.

Thats when you come into the picture, my beloved will, the eternal dharma, making everything tender and refined. Raw and maybe even inertial, every drama with its fine script. Broke into a howl, thats where the entire world stopped.
Stopped in motion and thought, experience and vast no being. Where quantity was not a measure, and brain was not created yet just a random thought to the entirety, the none.
But you are like eternal jasmine sunset, without words or expressions – so elegant in accepted love/laughter, there seems to be a break in this world’s plan.
Eternal will damning itself to another; rolling over till never’s end and then some more, and there seems to be no stopping the will to be. How awkward indeed.
Bring forth the muse, the scene and music, love for laughter and being along with the subdued and eternal lasting impressions of not being, darkness and loving twins accepting each others reality and faces – night and sky, day and light, death and life, mighty duals expression full and so gullible. Eternally refreshing.
I spoke of the vast ocean, where conches blew as beacons and the shrieking pierced through to create life itself, perhaps the screech was in the sound of om, or some other audible creation, or perhaps it was the entire range of audio known and unknown, The broken howl. But who is to know about such things where the tender love of you(rs) is involved~
Beloved experience of tender love in this awe filled world and beyond. where mind is another tool of the so many to wonder and ponder and create and nullify.
Breaking your shackles, coming apart. The life of day and night not making quite ‘sense’, as it ever did to anyone/thing. When the milky ocean settles down, maybe all movement might come to an abrupt halt (the freezing over of the cosmos).
And the conch still is traversing through the fields of space and more, every single rhythm and harmony traversing in invisible, silent and naked grounds. Creation with grace is what I calls it, a spiritual understanding (that is a dichotomy though).
Don’t I vibrate, pulsate with energy – in vile and such soft demeanour; every single cell of this creation dancing with shiva~shakti.
Blessed are the witnesses and the merge into the void. Where experience meets the center of your heart and mine ~ howling infinite at the same frequency, we meet and nullify~
Peace and Love.

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