Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Field Visit - II

To start where it was left out,
Part I -

The hardened arteries pumping blood to the brain and legs - The heart throwing away its veil of fear so that it may make the brothers in arms stronger through this dismal abysmal night. What has fate in store for these earnest seekers. Light or darkness, or something totally different.

Guru-bhai's have begun their journey to find the fabled lotus, which once eaten shall cure all disease, redeem all sins, make all efforts not futile and create emancipation both for the body and spirit.

They are somewhere in dark jungles of kumaon - valleys and hills by night hosting myriad himalayan bears and tigers; lurking to eat the faint of heart. They have entered the cave of delight (as told by their mystical masters) - They have battled at the gate - the incredibly huge king of snakes (ananta); They manage to lure it out and then fight this gruelling battle surrounding this ancient beast. The beast knows not to let anyone unintended into the cave, it spits venom from its fangs and tries to coil itself around the five guru bhais. They are undeterred - they have come to expect the end from the day they took the vow to reach the mystical lotus.
They take the ends of their staffs, which has the trishul drawn out - and poke at the snake (it is not amused). They are forever breathing in and out their sacred guru mantra *Na Ma Ci Va Ya* and they raise their energies in a collective unit. The breathing slows down though the battle is full and drawn out. The Snake senses now the group dreaming power. It suddenly comes to a standstill - and the spirit brothers also stop attacking the very instance it does. They understand it is the nature of the snake and themselves to be at conflict until both realize that peace is the only way. The brothers are battered and bruised - bleeding profusely. The Snake suddenly shrinks its size and becomes a common earth worm and wriggles away. The field visitors are confused but they are reassured at the strange ness of the events and that it means they are not being mislead - they are on the right track. Towards the fabled powerful lotus.

They enter subterranean worlds. The entire place smells of holy incense - As they descend in darkness (only lead by one torch amidst the five). They are able to see semblances of what seems to be steps. Old and broken, the cave has been one of the oldest foot holds of mystical contemplation in the world. Beyond the realms of time; Inside dimension of infinite space (via the medium of darkness). The place had been refuge for all those who sought/found peace amidst formlessness.
Somewhere here was a lotus flowering - which would bring this to form. This illusion to despair and emancipation to fore. The pain of the void would recede and will be flooded with endless light - bringing about an end to the past and future. A never ending bliss to the present. The risk of the venture is this life.

They hear dancing footsteps; after a week of inseparable darkness - entering the womb of earth. There are small shafts which go all the way to the surface - an ancient design made to let oxygen enter inside. The men look at each others faces with glee - they can see! How awful indeed it is, they have made their peace in this underground abyss, with paths and leads going all over the place. The silence is deadly - only interrupted with this haunting footsteps of some sort of invisible dancing entity.
The brothers cranium beams down with intent - they understand that power and forces from beyond their reckoning are at play. They can control their hunger and to some extent their thirst - but they will be unable to control their senses now at play even more - to save themselves from the suffering of their mind.
They stay together and put a step at a time - the labyrinth is getting more intricate. The days and nights have passed slowly (or quicker than usual?). They see the path winding down (not spirally), but stepping as if from corner to another corner of a hexagon. The path is steep and blindingly dark, seems like who ever made this - had only one purpose - to dig as deep as possible and stay there without any possibility of seeing broad daylight again.

The smell of insense is still present and the light foot tap of an invisible soul getting louder by the hour. The lack of food and water for a week taking its toll; and no one to point a particular direction to the mythical lotus.
This is where most people break down, and let their minds control their beings. The brothers were facing it too, even after years of meditation and mental fortitude showing forth - yet the lack of light had severly affected the serotonin levels inside the cranium - some sort of dark depression was at fore - making fools out of men's sincere yet futile efforts to reach the lotus. The ultimate challenge was of course to overcome your own self to view something different, something worth the space taken!

They reach the end of the steps - and all of them pile on each other - fall down and look for pieces of their broken bloody body to pick up. They do not have it within themselves - not anymore. The search has taken five more for the keep.

Perhaps twelve hours down the line, one of the brothers gets up and drags himself off the end of these steps (the steps which took a week and more to climb down), there was no way to look up - there is nothing to look up in this darkness.
The single brother sees a small pool (rather sees a dark shimmer through some light of his faded torch).. The water seems to be boiling hot in some places and very very cold in others - it seems perfect to take a dip and drink. The feeling is quite other worldly (he imagines) and then falls flat onto the surface.
The lake is deep - extremely deep. The guru bhai does not have a clue regarding this - he falls and keeps falling to the very end.
Over the next couple of days the others get up (still speaking their holy mantra!), they see no trace of the fifth one - they know a moment of respite is never found (not even after embracing the grave). They knew they were one less in their strength and dreaming power. They were indeed vulnerable.

They touch the pool with care, and clean their wounds. Loss of blood and lack of amenities in the dark has made them weak. They need to rejuvenate. They need to liberate.

They look around - and see the cave has come to an end (is it that they have not noticed the way further down). Is it that there is another way further below? Is it the end of their grousome journey; Where is the fabled lotus which gives freedom? Is it rotting somewhere here like their guru bhai? Or is it that liberation has a stiffer price than even this?
To Be Continued


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