Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cross Roads

Negroids are dancing in flames
            Somehow making me laugh
            While the burnt embers are lowered to the pit
            Where they make our food,
            And we all look towards the sky ,
            To see the ashes fly away with awesome speed
            Its five in the morning and the sun is drowning in a pool of slime
            So shameful is the rhythm in my head, full of lust
            Cant hold onto the camels back for all of my life
            And somewhere in this desert, I shall feast on the ends of my life string.
            Friggin cross on the crossroads,
            Nailed to it are snails of the highest power,
            They in a twisted song sing
            ‘where would you walk to now, slow as us,
            u say that u will reach where we are, but the song is slowing you down , the rhyme is keeping you engaged, so what is there more than to get crucified.. just like us’
            No lines , only the dance, only the pace of madmen in the middle of the universe. So bewitching, jewels in the her hair. They are blinding me.
            Timeless are these worlds, pathless are the ways leading to them
            Somehow I belong to them . peaceful remembrance of our love torn between the ends of this war.
            And the cry of all of us, destitute and bastards in the middle of the creators sleep, it wakes her. Only to scourge us with the fires burning us to ashes, whilst our embers fly to the great white sky as the sun turns subterranean in the middle of the desert on this lonely forbidden cross-road. 

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