Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Musing : Tara My Liberation!

Part I Eternal Spring like honey: The morning

Hills sprinkled softly with the night dew, each and every leaf, every morsel of grass on the ground sweet with cool water. The sun rises from behind distant Nanda Devi. The majestic crystal mountain! Darkness converts subtly to a dawn which calls to attention. Single rays of the sun make for this moment like none other.
Walking on a rough patch aside shrubs and trees now alive. With birds singing. The silence converts to slow music. I look in awe. Treating my gaze gentle lest I be enlightened so readily.
 Crossing the rivulet on the wooden bridge. Hear the words spoken by the river. Today is not a day like any other. Look. Gaze. See. This was to be!
On a shore she rests; From ashore she sees me; I lost in the transience.. was she to being me ashore? I was to wander aimless. Would she find a center in me.She breathes me in a moment. And leaves me to wander no more.
Her slender feet dipped in the cold flow. Reflecting mirror; The mist progressing swiftly, and lo! I couldn’t see clearly. Dressed in simple white. Her hands were making little gestures, mudras moving from the earth to the sky..
I knew not what nymphs looked like. I felt I had known. My love in an instant satiated. I had never been so drowned in my tears of joy.
She was feeding fish in silence. The birds near her on tree tops watched and chirped. The child of natures bounty; and my vision was hindered once more by the white mist
One look and could you leave what held you? Move on with certainty towards center of love.
The heart is a reflecting chamber. A thunder to strike it and it shall echo for eternities to come.
Before I can make my way down from the bridge to the shore. Shes disappeared. Become with the river; one. I find an anklet left there. Not a couple. Just one. Maybe shes the other anklet I wonder. Verily she is the sound I choose to dance to…

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