Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nothing as It Seems

Do you know?
            I once saw my rising in a dream
            I once knew the world was but an illusion, gold without gleam,
            As I wake up from bed, with my beloved by my side (!)
            I laugh and remember her final words
            ‘Remember. Nothing is as it seems ‘
            Sons and daughters of gods, listen to what I must say
            My time comes close, as would yours someday
            You and I are filled with this light of life within
            We aren’t mortal; nay we are just made with clay
            Such is this life, I must say
            That those who love life itself, must weep this life away
            And I know that no one who would matter could understand me
            Again Left to wither in this vast field of endless misery (repose )
            The gods shall laugh verily at this pitiable fool,
            How to tell these plastic figurines as to what I feel , they never could
            Goddess of the night, would you close my eyes toward sleep
            So I might forget these lives, these days, these highs
            Goddess of the night, could you make me taste the deep?

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