Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Musing: Tara Thy Grace!

Part IV The Snowflakes of Eternity; The never before seen Winter: The Night

Amongst Shadows so soft ;we find ourselves…

We walk on the edges of losing ourselves, Night is clear. The moon is complete and rests placid in the great blue sky. She in her drunken beauty shrouds any and all in the sky. She lies in the violent seas on the western coast. As we watch together; Her alter self (her reflection) moves like a brazen belly dancer on the ripples so ferocious. All in passion pulled to the sky. The waves cry in separation;
I too feel ripples from within myself, as I am pulled to the luna who rests so calm on my shoulders. So free; dreaming and dreaming sweet. In this moment amongst shadows so soft… we find ourselves as one.
Suddenly tara; you get up; whispering in my ear… ‘So Love, you think You have understood what it is that is Mine? …. ‘
There is a little wicked smile on your childlike face, and you turn and run on the shore away, The moon up makes for light and shadow to play like puppets on your body.

You glisten.
You effortlessly delight.
You run on the waves drenching your feet

Cool sea breeze grips me tight
Your hair dazzles
as you run out of my sight.

There is a cove here on this virgin beach. You have come here since your childhood. Seeking to be alone away from the slight of hand which makes the world so cruel. So needless and so artificial.
You kept your mercy here. Safe. You kept your self hidden here (so I imagine). But as I move forward. I choose to know more. I choose to see more.
I walk towards your inner recess of peace seeing but your footprints in the sand. You are no where to be seen.
There is a sound soothing inside. Enough moonlight to see in moments which matter
You play a conch soft. You make it sing. It makes me dive deep.
You put it aside; and you speak ‘There can be but one sound; one moment; one choice on a night such as this. One moon; One cove; One shore; One great bountiful core… There is not enough space for two love. There is not enough space for two’

I sit embracing you. You embraced a fool; a servant of thine. Effortless it is now to me. Tara seems undivided. Tara is whole. You have reminded the world of an outpouring of a moment. You have reminded me of the outpouring of innocence. Of One great Love.

The High Tide reaches peak tonight. The water enters the cove; comes closer to our bodies inter twined; immerses us completely. Shakes us ; drowns us.

But we are already immersed.
In an outpouring of infinite Light. Of unity which immerses itself. 

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