Sunday, May 10, 2009

InDreams** July 3 2008

i had this dream couple of days back. I am in orissa, or some intense place with ancient power. I am in a temple with some one
Perhaps someone i know, i go past or am on way to that temple. the temple has oil everywhere. There are black statues of god everywhere. 
I look first at a narsimha, black. standing formidable. i look at him for a long time, then i realize that i am shiva 
bhakt. but i remember, narsimha is angered. he is all power. I bow down to him for long time. i love that statue. beard flowing. 
then i see there is small opening behind him perhaps to another room, there is see a small shiva linga there, and think that
there is a shiva room. now i go to the main veranda, it has a pond. and there is oil everywhere. i understand that the 
temple is closing, so i hurry inside. i notice that the temple is really nice. old and well maintained like the temples i love. i goto the main deity, enter from the side entrance, and as soon as i enter the temple is opened there are some people sitting there, and they now intently look. The person i enter with, perhaps appa is also there and all are looking at that deity I see that it is shani, its blue black deity made of stone, and with 3 faces, i remember that. perhaps a trishul in 
one of the hands, and also one of the faces looks like a demon face. I am deeply engrossed. there is a havan kund perhaps there where everyone is sitting, and all are praying to shani. very deep dream. vivid. amazing . peace. Om namah civa. 

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