Saturday, May 16, 2009

Paths Unknown

         Seen by the ones who least matter?
            And the damsel she wouldn’t care less
            Of my existence and my sorrows.
            how could I say, all because of her?
            The life which we lead, we lead not at all
            Slaves at heart who love to follow
            Follow naught in this land of fools.
            For do you realize, paths unknown brings love to you(!)
            Shall we rejoice in this age and time?
            Where to be in bliss is a spiritual crime(why?)
            Could I lose my senses and become blind,
            To bring me toward the invisible flame which she is?
            Like a moth passionate enough to be burnt in her eyes
            Even the gods would weep at my dismal condition
            as I wander this earth like the perfect spiritual beggar
            Am Hounded by memories of her, a veiled Venus
            In silence she shows herself to none, I have seen her
            Depths of these oceans i have explored,
            from the sun, moon and the stars i have known
            Nothing left to see or know anymore
            To still this heart in this short span of a life
            To find her again wandering on paths unknown ( Sad Praise!!)

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