Friday, May 15, 2009

Side Winder

I created I. The vision which keeps repeating told me.
As a rule, you have seen the very sensation which binds skin to bone. Soul to Soul. 
Pick up yourself, to never ending heights. And as we climb to higher summits, the air fails us. 
It is one of those days, never ending and never beginning. The moment itself lasts so long. That time fails to keep track. 

To make sense with words is a peculiar affair, They are supposed to mean something while they never really do to me. Silence proves such a better gamble. When one strikes gold and timelessness with one shot. 
As I look at the after effects of true love making, I long for an everlasting embrace. of pure soul. 
Its to merge and lose our identites that divinity is present. One experienced from multiple. The dichtomy solved, No questions remain. 

The north star shines directly at my face. It presses and brings forth complete anarchy.
Where my mind deviates in all ways possible, and my soul witnesses this farce. 

Peace and Love on half moon lunacy

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