Friday, May 15, 2009

Chemical Parks

The slight movement toward the receding dark,

kind of a smile on her a while ago. trying to remove it as gracefully as she can

but what is this life but a simple twist. what is this night but a simple lie.

facing the facts of hunger in my soul . all to dark all to senile

and shall we dance like the wolves in our pleasant state of hunger?

shall we cry like the night ?

and then what shall become of us , it seems that there aint no end to this at all.

The month is of its due

Certain times and memory never ever leave us how ever hard we try. They are here to exist in every possible way, They who are reborn with at all times,

I feel that I am but a small and awe inspired part and being of this universe. Not the physical or any other definable universe, but just a universe I have come to love,

An lo! I have seen nothing other than this beautiful end. 

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