Saturday, May 16, 2009

False Notions of Life

How is death different from a person who has no eyes, is deaf and dumb and has no sense of touch, is he even alive if we call life as what the brain interprets when the senses are utilized, then that would be not my definition of life.
The story unfolds as this , one day the omniscient Is was present sitting around in bliss and suddenly it thought that it had to experience itself, to feel how blissful and how the is actually is! So it created individual self’s of itself like breaking itself up into an infinite number of pieces, and these were called the individual souls, now they would go through the experience of separation, to be as if that they were separate from the is in the first place and that they had to get back to their home, the original is , what they did not realize was that the actual realization that they themselves were the Is. That was all that was required, the concept of Advaitya which Adi Sankara proclaimed (though the messenger was not quite as good as the concept but their doesn’t lie the point), the advaitists say that all is god and that is what we hear from our parents too when we are small , they tell us that God is everywhere, what a simple thought but so hard by the mind to visualize, this is partly because the brain thinks that different objects are fundamentally different because they are perceived by the mind as different, this is true now if the man I described with no senses, or all senses defective was to be present would be able to differentiate between anything and hence he would visualize as everything, this is obviously not the way of realization, but if you look at all different forms of yoga which were present in this world, it would be easy to conclude that all these different spiritual methods, were fundamentally leading to a stage when the mind starts seeing the unity, as if the differences are present in all inherent things and at the same time that all of them were simply same! This is advaitya, this is what bhakti yogis supposedly feel when they are in love with their deity, this is what true lovers feel when they are separate, they see the other in all and everywhere.
This is the Dichotomy which Is present in the world. At one point the mind feels and believes that all around the objects present are different , and at different time it believes that what is present complies to unity.
This is the final step before self-annihilation is complete,
The art of war is the fundamental philosophy required to live in the divine, it is construction through perpetual destruction, war is conflict, war requires the sense of duality for a war is not possible with ones own self. That is impossible, the ancient Indian philosophy of negation is present in the art of war. It negates everything in the world as not the self and hence you get to reject everything as not the self . this is similar to what the art of war is but not quite. The art of war is essential transmutation of the self 

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