Saturday, May 16, 2009

False Notions of Time

Let us together consider the nature which causes the existence and subsistence of time.
a)      The perception of time is in all beings alive, the ability to perceive time is due to change in the external source , which causes the ability to sense
b)     Time is continuous and not plural, it is that the successive events and change of environment that makes one perceive time, and hence time is said to be as one, this is concept of one time, this does not mean time at different points is different, though this is the real nature of time,
c)     Time moves in both directions, it is the ability to perceive time which moves in one direction, time essentially holds still, at one point always while the perception of change makes time move in one direction
d)     The ability to percive time moves into the future direction while, we actually perceive time from the past (gen rel theory). This is dichotomy
e)     Time will not exist without either a) the perceiving sense and b) the change of the external source
f)      Memory and recognition takes place due to time, and loss in memory like when one is very young or very old is because this is when the individual is put back close to the original sense of no time,
g)     Time is like a plane or as suggested nowadays that it is like a sphere, time plane can extend to infinty or to a sense of sphere where there is no beginning or end but there is definitely a boundary, either the case can be present
h)     Time is non moving and appears to move at the rate the perceivers feels that it is due to the unit which measures time, basically light, if light was to move faster or slower then we can say that time will move faster or slower, hence we conclude time is a measure of speed again this is the measure of change of the external source,
i)       Let us take the initial boundary condition as we understand it, the big bang theory says that when the universe exploded approximately 14 billion years old, then the matter which was bulked together starts moving apart, now as the matter moves further away at faster and faster speeds then we conclude that the time is slowing down to us , for if the matter at the point of the singularity is absolute 0, as we conclude for if there is no singular movement and organism at this point then the whole time concept is not present, and as the particles move further apart to form huge masses, then the they are moving further and further away from the initial singularity point which says that we are moving further at some speed of light and as we reach closer to the speed of light then the distance between individual events in the universe reaches further away, this causes the perceiver to see that the events which happen at close intervals to be happening at a larger time ,
j)       Some might argue validly that as said before that time is the plane which measures change and has no function correlating with distance, as of such which is partially true, for we can say that the time is a continuous event, or perception nothing related to distance but this also means that as distance between the events which cause change take place and point of when no change takes place, then the time plane itself is distorted, in simpler terms, if we are perceiving change after more periods or more time when the events itself are occurring together then time between the events is elongated but this of little consequence, as we say that as distance increases then the perceiver just intuits the time plane in a longer “time” but the concept of time itself is neither distorted nor destroyed
k)     Superposition in the time plane is not impossible, it is quite possible and very easy to achieve , this is the partial concept of a repeated event, or a deja-vu. This is because time is not horizontal but rather a plane which is stacked one above the other, it is all at one point, both time and space are correlated , as time can be reduced to a point so can space,. So in this concept it is that deja-vu can occur, a feeling or intuition that an event has already taken place or that an event might take place is due to the fact the mind or the object or perception already knows that the event at hand for as shown before that the perceiver is the one who creates the notion of time being moving either in backwards or forwards direction , as time does not move at all , hence change in the environment can be felt at any time
l)       This shows either or 2 possibilities a) That the perceiver holds a key that can make him notice or intuit to him the possibility that there is no motion in the time plane itself, and there is absolute motion in the space field, hence here objects can create a change in themselves but as they happen at the same time hence we can forsee or look back at events at different time or b) we can say that the point of singularity has not been disturbed in itself, that there is no change in the environment around the perceiver hence there is no change in the time field hence the concept of time is not a horizontal or vertical but a point . There are 2 possibilities of time space field
m)   The time Field is effected by forces, the perceiver feels a difference in time when the field itself though invisible is effected by gravity or such other forces, though gravity itself is the weakest force but it has the advantage that it holds its strength due to mass, and there is intense mass here(wherever here is –for here is defined by what we are trying to define here)  The intense gravity in this place cause the distortion of matter further in a faster or slower process, this makes us perceive time as being fast or slow, but again I must emphasize the difference in a relative time and absolute time plane, for the relative time plane is which the perceiver feels, this can be In one direction or many , it can be measured and is individual but the absolute time plane is the actually  universal, and it only measure of change and nothing else, and hence it what is called non-plural and continuous, it is not successive like the relative,
n)     Also there is the possibility that the time plane(the relative) will move faster or slower not due to the rate at which external agents cause it to, but rather due to the perceiver himself, for as everyone feels that when one is enjoying ones senses then the time moves very fast but when the times become difficult or strenuous on the senses then the time moves very slow, this is a common observation and is noticed till now only in the human psyche and hence it is not known whether this type of distortion is present in only this race or others too<  but this is a very real observation and this opens the possibility that the time plane can be altered by the perceiver to move at any rate possible, and if this is possible it is possible also to make time move at fast rates or to cause time to stand still, this I\has been experimented with chemicals in the human mind to give trips which induce great speed at which the mind perceives the external agents and greater speed for thinking and also other chemicals which cause the mind to slow down to a level where most sense a feeling of calmness of peace where the brain activity ceases to be
o)     The perceiver can change the rate at which the relative time field is perceived, this is interconnected with the field of emotions, and as of intuition itself. A Time field may feel very small during the emotion of pleasure while it may look very long when viewed during a period of suffering similarly external intoxicants can change the rate at which a time may be viewed, this all goes to show that the time field is not at all constant and the relative time field phenomenon is either changed according to how the perceiver views it, or how the objects of perception itself change, also to see that the object that are undergoing change, if they are intelligent life forms, then the rate at which they see themselves changing can be different than the perceiver, if the object of perception does not see or feel itself as undergoing change then it may be viewed by itself as in a state of no-time whereas the perceiver in this case might see the object as changing,
p)     Time cannot be perceived without a relative change taking place between 2 different objects, if there is less than 2 of an object than we can say that the even if change takes place even then the object will remain at a state of no time, hence change cannot be the phenomenon on which time is based completely, some may argue that for a change to be perceived there is needed the presence of an object but this is not true as we are discussing the absolute case of change where a body might undergo itself a change of state only there is no perceiver to view it, This shows that, that object will remain at a state of no-time., This also brings us to the proof that at parts in the universe which there is no perceiver can be taken to be in a state of no-time but as human kind works on the basis of probability than we notice that most parts of the universe can be charted even though they are not and hence it is said that they are in the same time field phenomenon, but simply speaking it is noticeable that the things that human kind does not perceive are quite literally not there for us, and hence this shows that this is partially because of no time phenomenon

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