Saturday, May 9, 2009


One must make an equal Gaze. 
We are made to imagine there is a grade, a staircase of being. When in absolute there fails to be any. 
I have forever imagined that I am unique, in my thoughts or the way towards my life. 
I have imagined as many have, that I am more blessed or cursed than the other beings here on this planet. 
I have not done enough, made enough money or contacts or had enough fun as the ones who have. 
I have had way too much of life compared to those who I imagine can never or would never be able to see life, or its magnanimous ways... Those who are illiterate or poverty struck or ignorant. I is better than them?
Perhaps it is this which is the doom of consciousness. 
We are all equal. Equal to the rock. Equal to the leper and to the corpse that we are in the process of becoming. 
The gradation of consciousness has to be stopped. Each and everyone of us faces problems which are in fact never related to the external circumstances, however rich or materially blissful we can assure ourselves of becoming, the problems that a beggar and a businessman face are the same. 
When we can give our minds this input, that we are not special, we are not unique, we are not better or worse of than any particle in this universe; is the moment we give this big beautiful and utterly mysterious world a chance to open our eyes to its possibilities. 

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