Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Musing : Tara my Saviour!

Part III Silent Prayers of Changing Autumn: The Evening / Twilight

Life is at great stretches
Series of nothingness repeated
Moments of celebration
Bestow wisdom; love
Moments such as these
Can never return; never be

Be like a distant dream
Faltering and falling
Finding a center within thee
These silent prayers of autumn
Have shown me your vision, it seems.

The sunset at the distant corners make the great desert more haunting; the entire solemn land of Girnar wears ochre robes. Sitting on small hilltop, contemplating the shape shift of the sand dunes. Once so great now reduced once more to sand. Once more to be risen near the sky. Changes within myself such it is. Everything is broken and dancing in flames! But my center has remained constant. Never shape shifted. Only grown without limits..
The love which I hold for you in the palm of my hand is like sand. Worth nothing in this world. But it shines from one mesmerizing silicon crystal to the next.
At the distance I hear drums. As twilight grows. The beats become closer. They are the sound of my heart beating. Beating oh my love for thee. No one else could there be. Words dumbfound. Thoughts repeat. But my being grows ever more in your presence,  In your silence oh goddess, savior of my broken soul; wind of the desert unbound. Thou, who keeps this servant at her feet!
The trumpets and beats peak. The echo in my soul. Hand grips my shoulder firm. Before I look around you are in front. Is this a mirage? Water to the dying man. The great life teasing at a mans last moment in separation for eternity??
Most profound as I drop to my knees and I notice the enigma of your golden center. thy navel. The center of the world as wise speak. As the winds howl all around us. We are caught inside a whirlpool. And your body trembles ever so lightly. Every so gently as the stars on your navel come alive. Most profound I must say!
The sand covers our bodies intertwined. Kept alive in this twilight moment. Your gentle vision peaks to the skies above and Lo! You make me feel alive. You spread your wings angel. But I wont let you go, not this time. Not this time.

A higher Love.
A gentle touch,
Spreads to dissolve me.
Somewhere in this cosmos we are put
But we are put exactly where we need to be. We choose to be!
Tender kiss of my lover. A Love which keeps eternity .
Saints, Your redemption is stolen
She lies beside me, held in my hands. In each and every speck of this holy sand!

We need not speak. We need not think. Apart
We are one. In purity. In laughter. In a stolen glance. In darkness. In shining Jyoti.

 Timeless is this play; Timeless partners in this play. Left alone and we try to stray.. So I pour wine down your neck ; caress your back, it leaves me with more to crave. No need for satisfaction today. I choose/want/need/demand for more of you as twilight is complete. Glistening Night comes our way.
The black night comes our way. Leaving us together; alone.  (finally it making sense)
Warning : All inhibitions which bind are to kept at bay…

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