Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shadow of Iris

Deeper darkness, closer silence
            movements in a distant quarter of his mind
            shattered by losing pride, brought out by foolish tides
            reflecting her gentle grace, making her way silently
            remaining in faded grey forever, gently weeping.?
            Now her eyes merge with the dark side of the moon
            and her casket in my mind buried within a tomb
            rejoice no more for divinity is forever gone.
            and his heart now turns once more to stone.
            This time, she shape shifts like desert sands
            lovers of divine silence, take heed.
            neither here nor in heavens shall you rise
            show that you shall stand in the stillness
            the smell of whom sets me free
            like the last phase of the moons descent to the sea
            jasmine of ancient seasons, she summons me
            Slight movement of our hands,
            fades in with the crimson sun,
            a paled move of the brow,
            quietly lets the wine flow.
            A need to exclaim and rejoice
            remains buried in deep mourning
            and she lets you know her intentions
            which you could have guessed...

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