Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In Dreams** 11 May 2009

Any person who has spent time with anthropological concerns, or even with myth realizes that human mind pays a lot of attention to morphed beings, beings who are half human & perhaps half animal or half alien. Let me give you an example : there is the famous lord hanuman, lord ganesha, garuda the vehicle of vishnu, and so on. These are present in all famous cultures; or at least some form of them. The question is why humans pay attention to such morphed creatures, is it that they are a part of the external and they exist? These morphed bodies and spirits? or that some part of the human brain is still trying to androgynous with creatures of his/her past. Our ancestors so to speak.
I had vivid dreams all through the day, though i had spent all the time sleeping in deep sleep or so it seemed to be. But in reality the fatigue (mental) was much yet the rem sleep was not affected as I understand. All my day time dreaming is vivid generally especially the one done in afternoon. I find it a nuisance at times mainly because of the depth of tiredness one experiences when one is finished dreaming in the day. 
I dreamt that I was present in some huge ground of sorts, which had meandering roads up and down. it was a hilly area, a desertish sorts dune. I am walking and suddenly I look back at the road, there is an object initially which is present which soon enough converts itself to a cat or something like that and then again to an owl, i can notice the morphing in front of my eyes, and it is disturbing to some extent. When I recall the event from my memory, it was perhaps also an addition of colors on the body of the animal when it was being converted. Then it moves in front; well flies really like a big owl couple of flaps of its wings and its on the other side of the road, and it sits there and there is a small road side hutment present or just made when i gaze at the owl. The owl is no more and the hutment is a small temple. I go there and sit in front of it and start praying or doing worship of some sorts. Suddenly there are 3 people behind me sitting, I don't know any of them (as is the case of most of my dreaming activities). They are noticing me dreaming and I look behind to them. They comment at me; saying that this is not how worship ought to be performed, that this was regular not out of the bounds of a man in stupor. It wasn't special, that is what i got of their conversation and then i pick up and leave, these people follow me, they take out knives from underneath their shirts and they come behind me to hurt me. I start running and find a building of perhaps 5 floors or so, all the floors have window parapets or shades of some sorts, i to hide from them somehow go up to the top parapet, I do not know how I reach there, perhaps I will to be there and hence I am. I look downward and see those 3 people below still searching for me, yet they are not able to catch me. 
My dream now undergoes a complete transition to another set of dreams. This leads to another vivid dream in turn. 
I have many times seen this change happening to objects or animals or humans where one turns to another especially in vivid dreaming. Perhaps others have too 

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