Friday, May 15, 2009

Mazes Erupt Faster....

One Catacomb holds this head together, at the mercy of true bliss.
Travel inside these lands, discovering new rhythem shining bliss. 
Crafted deep within, there are flames rising. Once so dormant. Stones come alive. 
Plundered of soul, I go around seeking and seeing fiery demises. Of our lives as the clock passes the morning twilight. 
Chemical Noon Afternoon, Its called complicated behaviour. Handling such things can be quite a tough thing. But who am I to say? Whos is you to listen?

I climb horizon after horizon
The end of tunnels deep within my dreaming haze. 
There are such instants, deep and with gentle care created, that I cannot but express Gratitude. 
Sweat and push deep, Let your former self change with this instant. with Alternative minds ever on the prowl.

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