Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Laws of the night

You will step out only at night and in absolute silence.  At This hour you will head to the south looking for a fortress which holds in simple terms, power.
You will not seek power and neither shall power seek you. Seeking rooted in desire for both you and power.
You Will have to meet by chance.
You are to be partners by its consequence.

The night draws the power from places and people and of other objects. Objects of deep rooted emotions and of fear. This is when power becomes visible. To the mind. And you will too become visible to power when you are either stored in a place of power. Or to meet a person who holds it or to amplify yourself to such an occasion so that the like may meet each other.
At night and in silence when you walk towards the east my dear friend.
There you meet the death. Not your personal death. But the impersonal death. This death is haunting everyone , in all directions and space. This is where you shall confront this power. It shall consume you. And you must hold on.
For this is the second cover and law to the overcoming to become the ashes.

Somewhere there is an old man prowling in the deep twisted night
Looking for his death.
Hunting it down, for cowardice shall not prevail.
This is the avenging of the impersonal
Deeper and sooner.

I say, this is what I looked for in the night. An absolute jolt.. it gave me.
It shuddered and I thought I beat it. It grew but stronger. And the mind gave up the fight.
Likewise the river melted from snow to water. Which I drank to my killing thirst
And the wings the ashes melted from my back , lived to dye another day

And shall you be find this lonely redemption , in the dark night
Or will you give up what is not ours, but only thine

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