Thursday, May 28, 2009


Night giving away to the twilight, walk on the secret Kund is nearby. hearing the footsteps of gentle fall of glacier water, I walk on. The twilight is setting in force. The clarity of physical sight is overwhelming.
The kund is nearby and that is a surity.
Walk past the mistletoe and step in care full. The water pours in at depth of our vibrations. The faster we are the colder it will be. The more chilled out we get, the water loses its cool. 
I drink deep from the secret kund of everlasting youth. The energy sets me free. The morning is dew filled. As if it had all been pre planned, to the very last point. The rocks are smooth cut at this secret water fall. All poured down from the heavens. All oozing with secret energies. 
My love is like this waterfall, ever passionate in its intensity and ever new. It calls out to me and I bow in sheer gratitude. 
The body is refreshed when the head is immersed with this mineral source. The dissipation is consummated with ever fresh energy of Ice. There is a small rock on which one can stand and see the five or maybe six tiny streams which the waterfall forms before it is pulled to the ground. One Stream for each soul which passes, One for each which has stayed in its peace. The height of the water fall is immense, as if water was tango-ing with the skies and coming down in slow spirals. The water vapours bringing an uncanny cold on the skin. It is fresh indeed and It is sheer power coming towards anything in its way. 
I have felt an immense longing to drown my old self in this waterfall, So that it washes away the old and brings about the new. So that it reminds me that one day I too will change the physical robe for ethereal wings. 
Twilight broadens our horizons. Our abilities and inner senses are attuned to the spirit. The spirit which is. 
The spirit which always has been. I dont mean with respect to time or space. I mean in respect to spirit. 
One feels re born, when one enters the depths of the secret kund, and drinks deep of its elixir. 
No death comes close. Only change. Only transmutation into something grander. 
The Kund brings amrita. Our duty is to drink without reward. Then surely you will go deeper into your cave. bringing out your energies into fore. Power handles Power. 
The water changes the attitude one has come towards it with. One changes in front of, inside water. This is where we have spent our pre birth life. A water haven. 
The secret kund is such, where the spirits play day and night, sometimes harassing the passerby but mostly bringing out such intensity that you will. that you will stand and pay attention. 

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