Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Days

Nine days of sakti worship, where so many of ourselves change. So subtle is this play that we don’t see, we don’t realize, what she is doing through us, who we are becoming through her. It is beautiful. Love everywhere, and the music in our ears keeps playing, and we choose to laugh? Rather than remorse our selves to death once more.

When she starts shaking, the world is sane yet tilted. There is an edge and everything is unusual and still. But the buzz starts very slight, there ah! She is, the great goddess on the peacock, dancing as the rain without any change in form, true light! True sight. It is unusual to see such during only these 9 days, but these days keep repeating till eternity itself flips ground, where there is power, there is order even amidst chaos, especially in chaos, the ringing doesn’t shift, and we shift instead make the music part of ourselves, it is unusual again I might say, that we can see that we are so apart, yet the same, yet united in one. This is a true sight, this is when the mother goddess starts her wrath, her lips increase and her tongue lolls out, then she howls, and everything is in order. She is true maha devi. The goddess which is the essence of this earth and of every single ounce of existence. The great coiled power. The great snake goddess, appeased and quenched only with true and strong consciousness, at her feet, give it up in front of the mother, she understands and she knows that all your efforts are in wane to ignore her, she will show her true light, even if you try to go blind. There is amazing darkness within her. Like a hue, glistening and hallucinating. There seems no end to her grandeur. She is silent and composed and lover encompass as kamaksha devi, the beautiful, the powerful yet the silent and then in madness she becomes smashan tara, smashan kali, in effort and no time, she is the same, I see myself begging and crying, rolling and laughing. Re birth at her feet, and I offer her my head. I would. This is the power of the devi, she takes myself and dumps me to the end, and then there is only her glory, her power, her raath. The amaavasya of deepawali is approaching and the vibrations become weirder, there is a sense of awe and deep change inclined every time I open my eyes, it is beautiful. There is no end to it. Maybe death looms close to me, I choose for her to come close, set me free. Like there is no end. Only the mother has the ability to do that. The compassion to take away the disease, the search for a cure. Ends and then it is perfect, bliss incarnate maha tara, please set free. Set forth. Set free. !

Om shanthi shanthi shanthi

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