Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Musing : Tara my Redemption!

Part II Cruel summer of Desire & Longing: The Afternoon

Found nothing. Lost everything. The illusions of separation keeps me drinking ever more. The wine. The salt in my tears.
My shrine of hope is amidst fields of gold. If you are to ever glimpse a sight of endlessness; come, come to the refuge of the world. Tara pith. The infinity residing here in these fields would engulf. The unison in which each grain moves with wind; The entire world quakes. The earth shakes here.
Dancers lose themselves within dance. I realized that this was true. When the dance of compassion oh Tara; was You!
Their beneath the great banyan I saw you. I knew you. My heart was yours. It never was parted. Dressed in deep red of desire; of passion. I saw your blossoming. Moving slowly under the shade you kindly gave no heed to externals. You kindly gave your sight to me!
It seemed to me as if the entire fields were dancing with you. They were dancing for you!
In this holy hour. In this holy instant. What is that boon you wish for? The gods asked.
‘There is nothing I can ask for at such a moment. All that could be done was to be thankful’
And then you looked at me; twice in so many eons. With a gentle hand uplifted you called one to one.
With the ears adorning sweet diamonds. Your hair open; wild; covered by the flowers that the gods showered seeing you child. Your eyes open gazing; not searching. Calm and on Fire! Like the sun above. Even the sun seemed to have given itself wholly to you… Petals fell where your bare feet graced. How I would die to be at your feet. How I could never foresee my redemption. A thing of certainty to come.
A pearl adorned your neck as it gently lay between your swaying breasts. Moving hypnotic. It held me in a trance. It held me in rapture… It blew me away.
Your dance oh so ever slow. So ever seductive for all of life itself. You would have me torn and mended. You are the way. You are the life.
Your lips parted for the first time; spoke with the melody of the lord as he plays the flute. It blew me away.
In an instant we were racing down fields, past them without care; they parted where we were to be; We raced like little children, laughing innocently. Our hearts raced. Our bodies pulsed with life. We left the wind behind. Left the world aside; and a kiss amongst the fields of gold that even intensity could not define. That kiss which brought me back alive.
In an instant the great banyan found me, I was standing alone under its immense shade. No sight of what had been. I stood mesmerized; that dreams could be so cruel too. Could light be snatched away from innocence so swift!
Finding petals under my feet. Fresh in desire. Fresh in their longing. I sit down and smile innocent. All my life’s culmination are for this my love. The moment where you and I shared that golden kiss.

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