Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Banyan

Interested in myths? Look deeper, They unravel as we both go along, a bit fuzzy but the end is quite clear.
Dakshineshwara : Lord Shiva in silent repose. He sits beneath a giant banyan tree, with roots touching the ground, sitting in cool shade the master nath, looks beyond. He is contemplating not. He is being. 
There are devotees and maunis sitting close to him, as the master shows the silent path. Not close nor far, the knowledge of brahmn is here. Very much here. 
He speaks in para. The language which is silence, not created by the striking of 2 objects. nor born out of friction. 
Born out of sheer will. 

Then there is the question, as I have always seen and perceived the master. 
As the great giant banyan tree. All knowning and pervading into ether. A being of another grander more alive order. 
Where words are not born out of a barrier. but out of the enactment of the bliss which is verily life. 

This grand nature around us, humours us deeply. showing shadows and light. interplays of days and nights.
It bores us great delight. and wisdom and silence. 

Like the lord Vishnu recling on the great ocean of creation. Where the calm of the sea shall inspire the never eding ness which is surely life and love. 

I wonder whether our gods really are the loving silence of the banyan; the gentle flow from the confluence; a dhara; an eternal spring, the eternal of the calm sea. The lovers of life find that our gods are amidst us, every single which direction. 
I lift my hands in utter awe!

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