Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cruelty & The Grave

          For birth steals us from our home of nothingness
            And death shall make us crumble to dust
            This life treats us like we were lepers in skin
            Only to rise and fall endlessly
             Lies and greed the futile order of this earth.
        Sometimes I feel like its not blessed to be here but it is to be cursed.
            For why is there such need for a goal when the beginning and end never appear.
            Why is there a need for hope when we know that it is us who will sooner or later disappear.
            The earth and the seas loathe what humanity is,
            For they are the murderers and sons of murderers. The ground now shall tremble in fury unknown, look to the east , the sun shall rage its fury too.
            The winds are united in bestial devestation,
            This is the way for our demise, our foreseen departure.
            Have you not counted on this to happen? Have you thought that you will be spared. The fires and the waters shall rise to engulf you in sweet death. You and your children are doomed. You and your lineage finished.
            This is the way of love and compassion . for the end should be sweet. The mother always kills ah so sweetly,
            The damned children walk aimlessly in paths of pain, and hoping that their greed will be the solution for their salvation.
            The armies march forth looking for great delight in victory in blood. I will lead you to your destiny and I will lead you to your graves.
            I am the king of blind fools, I am the king of lies. Follow me and I assure you that you will fall.
            Fall deep and as far as you want.
            And how much you want.,
            And how much you need.

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