Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fire Lotus

A Wave washes my pain away, I push into the oceans to seek bottom.
Never ending whiplash; a sense of chaotic serenades. The Fire Lotus Remains Steady. 

Catatonic states keep me awake. Eyes crossed and tongue bent inwards in dismay. 
Surely the moon beam has entered the cross roads of ethereal ways.
My third eye is activated. And I see past the dimensions of dark and day. 
A Never ending walk into your kingdom; A sip of wine, Loaf of bread. A kiss from thee; Tara and I am Made~

Surely I laugh with you, your play so magnificent yet by morning it always disappear without a trace. 
Free fall into your heart, keep me away from such cruel tendencies. Which kills everything but I. 

I have taken a vow to keep close to the fire, where thou art born. Where I shall be laid to rest. 
Miles have gone past before we come to close to meet again. But with thy remembrance on my lips, my demons have been slayed. 

Oh I am not a stone,an inanimate lie, In your presence I am skin and blood and heart;I am ALIVE. I am your freedom and thou art my eternal light. 

Tara Tarini. 

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