Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You are a Tree(t)


You too are a tree in the making. Or have you already been made/saved?

Your wisdom is rooted to the ground. The earth and its life renewing soil, which creates the body you so adore; and finally absorbs it too to sustain others lives. Your wisdom like the roots of the ancient tree; is deep within (you), it expands in all directions absorbing the nectar/water to give and sustain your individual life. Your roots (the experiences that maketh-you) are your foundation. Why not make them strong and enduring like this mammoth tree of life itself?

Your branches/passion/individuality extend upwards towards the infinite blue sky (akasha-ether-the fifth element). Your aim flawless moves towards the golden powerful sun, towards and into the fire that burns in your heart. Its the source of everything potent; the power of the atom. Its within you too. Look deep and revel in its blinding light! Just like the mammoth tree ever erect in its naive innocence to capture (the sublime akasha and the sun which pervades within it!)

Your deepest glow; your sensual enigma; Your ethereal ‘presence’ are the flowers the bloom all over this mighty ancient tree. Its a treat to see these enchanting wild flowers of all colour and form, of all sizes and patterns glistening and spreading wild erotic scents towards the world and way beyond. This is you too oh lover of life! Your essence becomes the intoxicating scent that this world oh so requires and now!

Your life complete is the fruit. Its the bestowment towards the betterment and continuation of this sacred eternal river of life/lives. Here and now. Make yourself and break yourself so you can be saved by grace. So you may save ‘others’ through yours!

You are the shelter and You are verily life! You shade those who eat at you and rot your ‘insides’- the innumerable parasites/vermin. You are patient and mighty in being just like the ancient tree.

Ever understanding that all worldly ideals and principles merge back into glorious silence…You see life without perception/In eternal silence; Yes you are such too! In silence you help those who need (you). In laughter with the blowing wind (which alleviates the sick and diseased), you are the mighty cool shade which protects and preserves all there is to come.

You will bind the soil (of the ignorant) into one single conscious entity. Grow in peace with all there has even been.

Would you not want to be such a tree. Such a treat?

It makes you what you were meant to be in the first place.

Peace !

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