Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A New Dawn


There is only one thing worse than a man, who undergoes a personal tragedy. Something perhaps which is soul crushing; trying and seeming to weigh against the freedom of the spirit. That one thing is; if the man survives and then chooses not to learn from his hardship undone upon him.

There is this sense among us all implanted; well if you consider it – its humanities learning mechanism- this race’s true non-sense. I believe that we are true creatures of laziness or inertia of some sort. There are some who actually learn from tragedies among the vast lot of us; all of whom at one point or the other do face personal hazards/tragedies/disappointments- These wilful few make a change in their perceptions/feelings/thoughts/being/life itself to accept and learn from pain, but these few who actually change due to a tragedy- if they care to notice- their hard earned wisdom, takes place when there is this despair looming or past. What I truly fail to understand (for myself) is that why do I not choose to learn anything worthwhile during my mundane daily existence. Its good right? If I am not being shattered, or crushed by some opposition- than that state is verily good. But I think of it not worthy of not teaching me anything. No wisdom to be gained without pain? That's truly a morbid thought, and if that is the truth; then I am afraid humanity is god’s (or whatever’s) sadistic creation without compare.

Maybe humans took the ideation that wisdom cannot be learnt the easy way too seriously. If we care to change, then we could acknowledge all the things which make our lives glorious each and every day and learn (wisdom) from all that touches us even if it doesn’t bring about tragedy or pain along with it. I do look forward to a new dawn


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Himnit said...

Laziness is the antithesis of Love. :)

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