Saturday, May 14, 2011

Everyone Will Get Theirs…Now and Here!


Everyone of us cribs that we don’t get what we deserve, especially when we look at potential; perpetual sinners who con their way ‘'ahead’ of us in life.

Let me give you a hypothetical example,

You have been waiting lets say in front of an Indian government building, for a long time in queue and in the sweltering heat to get your turn. There a fool suddenly arrives who goes to the front of the line and starts sweet talking with his ‘pal’ and before you know it, his turn has arrived. That's not all, this guy does not take the usual 2 minutes for his process, he is uneducated, illiterate and obtuse and takes up all the time till its time for office to shut down

Now; I have gone through harsh times as well as good times, yet there is one quality of mine which has kept me in good stead throughout. I wait, I am patient and look for the time which is mine. There is an old saying; ‘What goes up, must come down’. This applies to everyone of us too. We all strive to be the best or at the peak of our careers, lives, relations what not… and we all want it; nay, need it right now. That's where it goes all awry. Many people use others, abuse others to get to the pedestal they choose. Yes they get there, but no they cannot stay there…. the strange real powerful fact of life.

Life in its entirety with all its causal effects is cyclical. Everything comes a full circle. You born- you die- you reborn. You get to the top of you petty ladder- you fall down to the bottom- and you start up/down wherever again. Everything happens such, I have seen it- hell everyone of us has seen it, then why still the crab mentality to get there first and why not last. What difference does it make?

Yes it makes a difference, if you choose to accept and entertain the notion that everyone is equal and life will give everyone their deserved chance. If something like this is true, then it gives us patience and stride to do our own thing without bothering about the trivialities which someone else is pursuing in closet jealousy or envy.

So someone is doing great at their work (it seems to be the fucking fascination of this generation), someone has got a handsome groom (the second most serious fascination of us mortals). Someone is partying more or has got more luck… it all is good; for all you have to do IS NOT BE MEEK, yet keep a solemn patient fervour and do what you choose to. Expanding life and not contracting it by this constant jealous ego expression that somehow all us 21st century folks seem to easily incorporate.

What I am saying in short (and long) is that; though many might have not seen or felt the cyclic tendencies which life propels; I have. So everyone who once was great will not be so, those who will be meek shall not be so (look at the revolution of our times; here and now!). Keep a keen eye and be kind, life is waiting to reward all those in turn and full who keep wisdom in their hearts, and the great equaliser in their minds.

- The sacrament of Last Supper/Salvador Dali

Peace & Love

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