Monday, May 16, 2011

Shri Mahavidyas: BagalaMukhi


Deliver us from evil, magik which aims to slay. Pray to the crane necked/faced goddess; who keeps all things malign at bay. Pray in reverence and not for personal ego satisfaction and see what happens in your day to day. You will be delivered from evil eye and jealousy. From wrath; lust and greed. Pray for the only boon which counts. To remove the poisonous misery which man makes against another.

The goddess is the eighth great power of reckoning. She is the one who offers you the access to the six wrathful rites of tantra- which can cause demise to your enemy, make you conquer and rule, cause disease and death to those who oppose you. She is prayed sincerely by the left hand path and will offer you protection against the powers which come against your progress in the material and spirit planes.

She is called the ‘paralyser’ for she will cause stambhana- a method which makes the mind and body to get glued to inertia (though traditionally she is shown to paralyse the tongue of the enemy- holding the demon/enemy’s tongue and a mace/weapon on the other hand to destroy).

This is used in tantra to conquer those who oppose. Their minds get wasted and their bodies decay. She paralyses the enemy, and offers power to the adept in return. For bagalamukhi is the power of the opposite manifesting complete- where false victory is; there imminent defeat. Where material wasting; there spiritual illumination, where uncontrollable lust; there unconditional love. She shows the divine manifestation of infinity *8*. The mighty dual. The etheric double.

She is not to be prayed to lightly; she is indeed a mighty cross to bear. She is not your personal saviour, she is the mother of every energetic force born to fruition. She is not a tantric deity. She is the end complete.

She is yellow like the sun, fierce like fury. Sublime like nectar and offering the wise glory. She arrests those impure; their tongue/penis/clitoris immobile to cause any more (detest). She redeems those still and sound. Who have not lost faith; who lose no ground (in sleep ignorance). She offers man path to glory. Where you lose your prana and at her feet rest your story.

- The powerful visual representation for mother bagalamukhi/pitambara

Peace and Love

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