Monday, May 16, 2011

The Thinker…

(A thinker sees not the power which makes/breaks him. For then he must stop thinking and start being)

- The Thinker/Rodin/France

He is searching, and seeking. In a complete rut; he wants and needs something to set him free?! Yet he deceives himself with this satisfaction of extra ordinary knowledge. Will not change a single thing, what remains the use of this idle seeking?

When the real knowledge eludes him no end. Looking for an elixir to let it all be- his lofty ideal; what's the use mighty thinker if you don’t let go and let it all be by yourself? .

There is no use and point, and this is what baffles your mind the most. For your goal is no longer tasting divine, its no longer the effort your mind has put into this trial.

He is not wise, he is verily a thief. He thinks he owns the jewels of wisdom and he runs day and night helter skelter away from the unmistakable truth (out to get him). His thoughts do not matter, his ideas will not enlighten. For now he sees; that enlightenment is buried in a casket; a casket which lowered into the ground, cannot be deciphered or thought of as anything or anyone unique.

You pleased your mind with the pursuit of knowledge, and that is where it all ended. The pursuit was your game and content-ment far from your chosen reality. You loved to pursue your paradise with the very fact that you could not even fathom it with your mind! What use remains your learning, when your insides rest deep inside (the earth!?)

Humble remains the wise, he has not the thirst anymore. Which you oh lofty thinker couldn’t believe as anything more than a chore. Your glory remains the attention you need. You reek of petty and you verily deceive!

The thinker is a fine state to be in, when your mind is bored and lonely. You can think the world up and down. Quote a legend and make all the bloody sound. But in the end; the pit for your grave remains un-named, whether you were a thinker or a saint! Laughing out loud

Looks like Rodin drew inspiration from this/or such people?

Peace and Love

~Full May Moon~

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