Monday, May 23, 2011

Flesh & The Power It Holds


I am a vegetarian by choice. I was by birth too; but during trying times; I don’t mind having flesh/meat to survive. But that’s about how far I can take it. For me, killing to eat does not form a very appetizing thought. I would not want to take another beings life to eat. And if I do so, I realize and accept that someday it will happen to me in one which way or the other.

There are many non-vegetarians (carnivores) who think that eating meat and nothing else will satisfy them, and yes they are right. For I realize (unfortunately a vegan’s realization) that flesh/skin/meat holds raw power. Raw power which ingested and digested adds to the power of the individual. Yes, Yes the power in the form of carbs and fat, but also conscious power- the power which transforms individual tendencies (prakriya) and thought processes. To the best of my understanding- “You are what You Eat” and yes when you digest animals- you inherit their base animalistic tendencies too- which are well what most humans do too- eat, kill more, eat more, and rage till sleep overtakes them.

Well, what I wanted to know of the non-vegetarian ‘race’ amongst us is; why do they stop at eating other animals? Why do they not think of (if not actually implement) eating other human beings too?  What?? its disgusting? Acts of cannibalism in this day and age? Why would anyone do that?

For one; Human meat *those who have tried it (I have not!)* is professed to be the best tasting meat; and also when it comes to the internal organs- all animals have similar tasting organs- so the liver/breast of a chicken would be just as delicious as of a humans (roasted well enough of course). LOL

But I am sure, this thought never crosses a gung-ho meat eater, who is out to kill anything that moves. Why is cannibalism so out of fashion? In reality, its not uncommon amongst many of the surviving/extinct tribes of the world and over 2000 species of animals across the globe actively engage in it for various purposes ranging from sexual to infanticide to of course requirements of food. Cannibalism to my reasoning has only been shunned because it poses a direct threat to human life itself. Otherwise there is no moral fallout to the concept of eating meat right? Does the source really matter, especially when the meat is the best one available?? I really would like to know (from the horse’s mouth- the meat tearing flesh eating people of the world)

Now, did you know that modern human beings actually ate up their ancestors- yes people of the pre-Neolithic age (hunter gatherers) were actively consumed by the modern day farmer counterparts- during times of drought and crop failure. There are innumerable examples of such scenarios from everywhere around the world… so what makes YOU stop eating another human being? (This is a proven fact that many times over across the world- tribes and warring groups ate the dead of the antagonists to show/prove their superiority, cultural and otherwise- but this is direct correlation with what I understand, flesh has the power- occult/spiritual/causal which can make one person ‘stronger’ than another- and hence its so addictive to so many carnivores in the world)

You would (if you could) think about it; and perhaps come to the conclusion that the fact that you would not be able to do something which you feel against- as killing someone else for your food- this would bring about the empathy/sympathy that you too might be in such conditions to be eaten- and would hence pose as a deterrent. You could feel the other person has a family; someone who cares for them, hell they are just like you… how could you do something horrendous to someone like that….? or maybe you would come to the “naive” and shit faced conclusion that humans are more important than other life forms- they are smarter/stronger or some fuck up and hence deserve to be here, while others are expendable (and I really PITY such crude logic when it comes to the fore in humans)

And yes, then I would believe that you are a hypocrite. The most abundant (over a billion useless people in this wretched land itself!) and freshest meat in the world off the back of human being and you aren’t willing to take a bite? What type of macho meat eater would you be? You are a coward; eating something packed and roasted in a plastic- not knowing whether that life had something in common to you or ever caring to know in the first place. How could you kill something/someone who you had affection towards? Who you could sympathize with… and yes you might not sympathize to a chicken wailing or a cow crying before its slaughter. But then why such steep narrow moral standards when it comes to human beings- who are little or no better than these animals (most often worse than them- never minding their own natural business). At least the animals were not hypocrites. They ate whatever they could. Without a blind sightedness which humans are consumed with.

Next time you abhor something like cannibalism; you must take a look to the human condition (including your own), at least wild cannibals are true to their state of meat eating- (and cannibals give up other meat BECAUSE again its proclaimed that human meat is the best/most powerful of all); unlike you connoisseurs of fine dining who like some dead rotting flesh to be served to you; which you are not strong or willing enough to kill; which you are not strong or willing enough to atone (its sacrifice); yet are willing to devour down incessantly like some sort of ignorant fool; who does not understand the power of flesh; yet is addicted to it like a maggot.

(PS: I find that most non-vegetarians have never even witnessed the cruel death of something they are going to consume with relish. Perhaps they should, it might bring some perspective to the actions their stomach inspire!)

and I do not favour the death of anything/anyone for sheer consumption by another.



Anonymous said...

baba. . .i know that u are a very devout shiv bhakt. . .and u know what are the requirements to be the no 1 bholenath follower. . .cannibalism(aghoris remember who are and always have been the number one fans of bholenath). .u consume bhaang and ganjha all in his name. . .why no try this. . .if u are truly devout. .I think that makes u a HYPOCRITE. . .think about it. .

Anonymous said...

Nag in your own words "For me, killing to eat does not form a very appetizing thought. I would not want to take another beings life to eat." You are killing all the plants you eat they have life too...feelings and yes they also want to regenerate like all the other animals....And what you vegetarians/Vegans do is farm them forcibly...spray them with pesticide...destroy their natural immune system so that you can have better grains/produce...I think you need to come to terms with the that fact to survive you need to it animals...plants...or for that matter cant live by just breathing air.... Where as you vegetarians/Vegans claim not to kill to eat but wear leather sugar....use cosmetics....and many other products which are made using animal parts are blind to the fact that you are killing those harmless creatures for your worldly pleasures......Its the way of life my kind sir....CIRCLE of LIFE....You eat other creatures be it animals or plants and then when you die you become food for the plants and animals you have eaten...
So Peace Baba....dont advocate the fact the Vegetarians/(Idiotic) Vegans are better than the Carnivores/Maggots....

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