Friday, May 27, 2011



Enlightenment is here and now!

Do you choose? Do you choose to enlighten? When? and How?

I can help; so can you. Enlighten yourself; There is no need for proof.

The answer does not exist. The Field and the knower are the same.

There is no label. The game no longer the same. When you choose.

Do you choose? To enlighten. Seeking is oh so futile and the resistance weak. Enlighten; Here and Now. No time remains to be bleak.

The questions cease; The mist clears. The path winds back; to the one who remains ever here.

There is no thunder; no chorus for your mighty empire. It crumbles from where it was made. The feeble mind, and the thoughts it churns as if in a mire.

There is no recourse other than the one which is present (here). There is no solution to death but death as it is.

Do you still choose? To enlighten yourself. To understand and acquiesce all in transitory pleasure and pain. So when will you strike.. A thousand years or a decade? It makes no difference for once you are born.. you are to fade.

I do choose. To be now and here. To be free and clear. To be one and none. To be the divine will done.


-Monet’s Tulips of holland (Pristine!)

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